Hello Doctors, Doctors-To-Be
December is here! We are proceeding to say goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020!
In the second last month of 2019, we have found our first USMLE Quiz winner, took a trip to meet students in Cape Town, elected our new SGA team, celebrated the spirit of democracy, and run health awareness campaigns. Let’s explore it all:

#1 Happiness Through Healthcare: Message From Vice-Chancellor

Hello, Dear Students!

As you all are stepping forward to become doctors and moving closer to your dream of becoming healthcare professionals, I want to share with you two vital aspects that your healthcare can deliver.

The second aspect of healthcare delivery, —which is the result of the first aspect— is happiness. When you provide healing to a patient, you are not just spreading health but an abundance of happiness as well.

When you become a doctor and a critical patient will come to you, whose life you will save with your healthcare skills, and then break the good news to the family members of the patient, take a moment to see the smile of happiness that showers on their faces. And the best part, you will feel it too. That’s what being a doctor is all about. That’s what healthcare is all about.

Healthcare is not a service just for healing and health; it is a service for happiness.

Remember, everything you study now and everything that you will learn in your training is equipping you with the power and skillsets that will save lives and bring smiles on countless faces.

So, study smart, breakthrough challenges, and keep learning as much as you can. Becoming a doctor, you will spread happiness, that comes back to you.

Best wishes,
Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor
Vice Chancellor, Lincoln American University

#2 A Day To Celebrate Rights, Responsibilities, and Democracy

We celebrated the Constitution Day of India with His Excellency Dr. K. J. Srinivasa, High Commissioner of India to Guyana and people from other institutions and regions of Guyana. The celebration ceremony was organized by the High Commission of India to Guyana at Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Georgetown.

The special day marked the completion of 70 years since the Indian Constitution was adopted and united us all to celebrate the spirit of “We The People.”

#3 In Pursuit of Better Education System

On November 14, 2019, we organized an all-in-one-place interaction between Vice-Chancellor and all the staff and faculty members. In the meeting, we explored new avenues to better our education system and empower more students to become doctors.

Thanks to our efforts and your cooperation, our University has already secured the position of one of the fastest-growing medical universities in the Caribbean region, and we are well on our way towards an even better education system.

#4 Interactive Session of Vice-Chancellor With Students

For our new students, the year 2020 will not be just another new year, but a special new year in a new University in a new country with a new program.

To prepare the fresh students to gear up for the new experience and help them make the best of their education, we organized an interactive session with the Vice-Chancellor.

Besides other things, what students carried with them from the session was lots of zeal, enthusiasm, and passion to put their best efforts in education and personal development and grow beyond boundaries. If you missed the live session, catch key takeaways here:

#5 Student Governing Council 2020 Is Here!

Well before the new year knocks our door, our new team of Student Governing Council (SGC) is ready to develop new opportunities and organize exciting activities for all of you in the new year!

On November 20, 2019, we have elected new SGC members based on student votes. Join us in welcoming the new 15-member SGC team and wish them all the best:

#6 Making Education Easier for Africans!

We participated in the International Higher Education Summit, Africa 2019, organized in Cape Town from November 19-20. The event was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the like-minded people in the higher education industry and interact with African students.

Our participation in the summit was focused on making it easier for medical aspirants in South Africa to get medical education at the University by simplifying the procedures involved in filing application for admission to student visa processing.

#7 Meet Our First USMLE Quiz Winner!👏

As you all know, we introduced the first quiz for USMLE Step I in October 2019 Newsletter. Well, student participation has been overwhelming. A total of 29 students played the quiz. Now, we have a winner too!

We are glad to announce that Sunday Jedidiah Godwin from Nigeria has won the quiz with a score of 5/5. Cheers!

Well done Sunday Jedidiah Godwin! Keep it up!

#8 USMLE Education Corner

As promised, Quiz II for USMLE Step 1 is here. Play the quiz online. It will hardly take 5 minutes. Winners shall be featured on the University’s website and media profiles.

#9 Students’ Success Inspire Us

LAU gives us USMLE coaching, which will be very beneficial for us in the future. I suggest students go for studying abroad because it gives them the opportunity, worldwide experience, and quality education that makes them a better doctor,” said Anjali, a medical aspirant from India, during her pre-departure interview.

Explore other things that Anjali shared from the perspective of a foreign medical student:

#10 Healthy World Diabetes Day 2019

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing medical education in America and the smart gateway to your dream medical career.

On World Diabetes Day 2019, we spread awareness of Diabetes, its types, risk factors, early warning signs, treatment, and how can we protect ourselves and our family members from Diabetes. If you missed the campaign, catch it here:

#11 Celebrating Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November has been a month of Lung Cancer Awareness. With over 2 million cases worldwide, Lung Cancer takes lacs of lives every year. Being aware, we can help bring that number down. So, here is our take on two simple things you can do to keep lung cancer away:

#1 Say Goodbye to Smoking: Smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer and impacts not only you but those around you as well.

#2 Seek Timely treatment: There is no substitute for timely treatment. The early, the better. Make regular health check-ups a part of your life.

#12 Making Guyana Healthy

At Lincoln American University, we believe that all people deserve a good quality education, health, and of course, happiness. We also understand that today, the world doesn’t have enough doctors to take care of the health of all the people.

We believe that by working together, we can help more aspiring doctors to become healthcare professionals who can take care of the healthcare needs and spread happiness through healthcare.

Explore how we are making a positive impact on medical education, healthcare, economy, and happiness in Guyana and how can you join us too:

#12 Making Guyana Healthy

During our trip to Cape Town, on November 22, we met His Excellency Dr. Kenrick Hunte, Guyana’s High Commissioner to South Africa. We apprised His Excellency about student visa issues and got assurance for prompt resolution. Rest assured, Africans, getting your student visa to Guyana is going to be easier.

Our sincere thanks to His Excellency Dr. Kenrick Hunte for giving us his precious time and taking care of the issues of the students.

#14 Guyana: Where the Word Came From?

Due to several rivers flowing through the country and abundance of fresh water, the nation was called “Guyana” - an Amerindian word that means "land of many waters."



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