A bit more about Guyana
  • Cricketers from Guyana plays as part of the West Indies Cricket Team for international cricket.
  • More than 40% of the population in Guyana comprises people of Indian Origin.
  • The name Guyana means “land of many waters” in a Native American language referring to the many rivers running through the country.
  • The original Demerara sugar cane grew in the region of the Demerara River in Guyana.
  • Guyana is the only Commonwealth state on mainland South America.
  • The capital of Guyana is Georgetown. Georgetown is also a neighborhood in Washington D.C., USA as well.
  • Flag of Guyana is known as “The Golden Arrowhead”.
  • St. George's Cathedral, a wooden church built in 1892 & located in Georgetown is a national monument of Guyana and one of the tallest wooden structures in the world.
  • The Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is believed to be the world’s widest single-drop waterfall.
  • "One people, One Nation, One Destiny" is national motto of Guyana.

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