Academics Overview

Lincoln American University (LAU) offers complete medical training using the modern technology and the best infrastructure. The aim of LAU is to prepare aspiring students to practice in many countries like Canada, United States, Europe, UK and many more. LAU follows US-based medical school curriculum.

Lincoln American University provides a very healthy, friendly and multi-cultural environment to the students. Students from various countries are pursuing their MD from LAU. The medium of instruction in Lincoln American University is English which gives an advantage to the international students to learn and adapt much easily. The faculty at LAU is highly experienced in their respective fields of study.

The learning Lincoln American University is not just limited to the classrooms; the students are rather involved in many experiments, projects and seminars. This help the students to get deeper knowledge of their subject. The students are given opportunity to work closely with their seniors. Also they are exposed to the clinical medicine from second semester. Lincoln American University helps students to get clinical rotations in the affiliated hospitals as well as in other countries like US and UK.