Facilities and Services

Lincoln American University was started with the motive to provide a friendly and healthy environment of medical excellence for the students. At the university, we believe that students can only become successful doctors and professionals if they are provided with the right guidance from faculty, support staff, and peers. The students from Guyana as well as abroad are given complete freedom to express their concerns over any topic to their faculty or head of the department.

Here are a few services & facilities provided in the University Campus while students are pursuing MD Program and other medical programs like Premed Program at LAU Campus to let them live peacefully, feel safe and accompanied, groom their personality, make the most of their medical education at the verge of excellence and prepare for their next life as a doctor:


A place to have hygienic food, including Indian and continental cuisine. In the cafeteria, you can have a chit-chat with your colleagues and other university members while having your food-fun and relax after long hours of work and study.

Modern classrooms

Our state-of-the-art teaching technologies and simulation systems help you grasp the medical education in visual form and keep it in your memory for life. Classrooms are spacious and built in a way to facilitate proper interaction.


University managed hostel facilities provide you with a comfortable living experience in your second home and equipped with all the facilities required for day-to-day life, including Wi-Fi, air conditioners, and surveillance.

Recreational Facilities and Activities

To relieve the stress of studies and to cater to the all-round growth, we keep arranging extra-curricular and recreational activities like sports, day-out trips for relaxation, enjoyment and maintain a delicate study-life balance.


To ensure safety, security and make the commute easier, we arrange for transportation facility for our students. University bus facility is available to drop you from hostel to the University and vice versa, including for trips and tours.


We take care of and provide support to maintain the health and well-being of all the members of the University. Ensuring healthy food, proper cleanliness across the entire University area are some of the steps of our well-being initiative.

Financial Aid & Visa Facilities

We believe that money should not limit a student’s aspirations. We go an extra mile to assist our students in getting financial loans and other financial aids wherever possible. We also help getting passport and Visa on early basis.

Other Facilities:

Be it needing help for an emergency passport or getting a Visa extension, from getting your first call to the day of your convocation, everything in between and beyond, we don’t leave your hand and assist you with all facilities, services and in all ways, we can.

Student Facility/ Service Facility/ Service Details
LaboratoriesLAU has anatomy lab, computer lab, physics lab, microbiology lab which help students to better understand the human body, do research & pragmatically master the field of medicine.
Administrative supportThe university provides administrative support to students whenever and wherever required and feasible.
  • 1. Facilitation of documents for VISA.
  • 2. Assistance in VISA renewals.
  • 3. Support in acquiring medical insurance.
  • 4. Facilitating clinical rotations in Guyana and other countries.
  • 5. Providing other administrative support as required and feasible.
USMLE supportLAU follows a medical curriculum based on MD in USA. LAU also helps its students in the preparation of USMLE examination through USMLE coaching to make it easier for them qualify the USMLE & become eligible for residency in USA.
  • ● Incubation & training centers.
  • ● Simulation for standardized patients training.
  • ● Sports centers with provision for indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • ● Colossal structures of academic centers to provide knowledge in various fields of medicine.

LAU Key Departments Dedicated To Help Students

When students arrive at LAU, they are moved to a place of cultural diversity, serenity, and warmth.

A number of departments are available in the university campus that help students throughout their graduation to become successful physicians. All the student departments understand the need of students and create a vibrant and diverse community for the enrolled students. Some of the Student Help Departments at LAU:

Department How It Help Students
Academic AffairsA department to support the students in their intellectual and academic affairs.
Academic Skills CounsellingA department for helping students in understanding their academic skills and provide support in their academic sessions.
Campus AdministrationThe admin department for all the administrative services for students.
HousingA department for assisting the students in providing them with on-campus and off-campus accommodation.
Office of RegistrarDepartment providing faculty and students with timely, accurate service and information about the University affairs.
Student Finance Department for assisting students in financial management and scholarships.
Wellness CounsellingA special team of faculty members dedicated to helping the national and international students regarding their health and well-being.
Security ServicesLAU provides a safe environment to the students. A special department for security is available where students and faculty can reach easily for their concerns which gives them peace of mind & let them take full benefit of their Caribbean Medical Students Life.

All these LAU facilities make Medical Students Life much easier while they pursue their MBBS in Caribbean. Also, being in the category of Caribbean Medical Students has its own perks! During their time at LAU, students enjoy the natural beauty of Caribbean, including Guyana’s nature-gifted beaches.



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We provide knowledge to help to relieve the pain & discomfort of those in need.
We promote health care irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, and economic status.
We believe in the evidence-based practice of medicine.
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