Hospitals for Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations are the bridge in medical aspirant’s journey of the transformation from a medical aspirant into a doctor. Clinical rotations form the last two years of the MD Program and provide medical students with an exclusive opportunity to visit hospitals and experience the life of a doctor even before they become one.

Clinical experiences are most exciting as well as the most crucial part of the medical journey. Most exciting because this is the phase when students enter the “practical world of medicine” and face the real-world challenges, encounter real patients and help give them real cure. Most crucial because this is also the phase when students learn the practical application of medical knowledge they have acquired throughout the years to give the best healthcare to the patients.

In clinics, the more one learns, the better doctor one will be. From nursing skills to conducting serious operations, medical students go through all possible experiences in their clinical sciences time.

Well, students experience many moments during clinical rotations like moments of joy for good news, moments of sadness in critical conditions of patients, moments of fatigue when they are in too much demand at the clinic, and amidst all those moments, one thing is sure: every moment is a moment of shared work, empathy, care, and immense learning and all that learning remains with them for life as it is a learning gained through real-life incidents and experiences.

To ensure that students of Lincoln American University get the best possible clinical experiences, the University is affiliated with some of the most reputed hospitals in the USA, Caribbean, and Asia to provide opportunities and choice for International Clinical Rotations.

Clinical experiences in different countries expose the students to various cultures, diverse situations, medical conditions and international medical practices helping them become well-versed medical professionals and get prepared for the International Practice of Medicine.

Currently, Lincoln American University is affiliated with the following well-reputed hospitals span in different countries:
Georgetown Public Hospital, Georgetown, Guyana

Georgetown Public Hospital is the largest hospital in Guyana and has a commendable capacity of 600 beds. The hospital’s origin dates back to 1838, and currently, it is managed by the Ministry of Health and funded by the Government of Guyana. Georgetown Public Hospital provides healthcare services free of cost and is rightfully called the Nation’s provider of Health Services

The oldest hospital of the country offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services and is a leading provider and facilitator of patient care, education and research in the Caribbean and provides huge learning opportunities for medical aspirants.
Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH)

Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH) is a leading medical hospital in Nepal operating under Nepal Health Care Co-operative Limited (NEHCO). MMTH was established in 2013 by NEHCO under the name of Former Prime Minister of Nepal, Late Manmohan Adhikari, to provide quality medical education and ensure proper health service delivery and health research in Nepal.

Currently, MMTH houses 300 hospital beds and provides 24-Hour emergency services with its state-of-the-art medical facilities like Radiology, OPD, ECG, Ozone Therapy and Test-laboratories, etc.

As part of the clinical experience in MMTH, LAU students will be able to gain hands-on experience in various medical fields or the subject of their specialization.
Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic, Guyana

Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic is a prominent medical care provider in the country. While the inception of this notable hospital goes back to 1952, it was officially opened in 1967. From its humble beginnings in the late sixties, the hospital has earned remarkable respect and grown into one of the most sought-after hospitals of Guyana.

The hospital efficiently offers a range of services to Guyanese including Dental Radiological, Laboratory, Surgical, Pharmacy, Emergency care, Ambulance service, Nursing, and Inpatient care, etc.

Wide range of services helps the students gain experience in diverse domains of medicine during their clinical clerkship and become well-versed medical professionals.

Max Healthcare Institute, India

Max Healthcare is an award-winning, highly respected and well-recognized hospital chain based in the country of India focused on patient safety, continuous professional development in the world of healthcare. Max Healthcare is known for its world-class healthcare and patient services and is counted amongst India’s leading medical institutions.

With a network of 14+ hospitals, Max offers 29+ specialties with the support of 2300+ doctors who possess international expertise in their respective specializations and have treated 2.8+ million patients of over 130 nationalities.

American Clinical Experience

LAU is proud to count American Clinical Experience as our collaborator in providing clinical rotations to LAU students in the US.

ACE gives students around the globe the opportunity to have hands-on clinical experience anywhere in the United States. Their ‘learning, training, and working anywhere’ model has hosted thousands of International medical students and medical graduates around the world.

We believe in not just breaking borders, but also the traditional models of MBBS education. Students first apply with the specialities and cities (in the US) of their choice. They are then assigned to a case manager who interviews them to discuss the best matches and the available dates for rotation. The documentation requirements are also discussed, and you get a response mail within 48 hours of discussion. The cycle can then begin.



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