Visa & Application Guidelines for International Students

The following are the requirements for entry and study in Guyana:

  • Students must submit notarized copies of their passport, certificate, diploma or degree
  • The university will process VISA application locally
  • The approval process in Guyana takes one Month
  • Once students are approved to come to Guyana, a Visa will be issued to them upon arrival at the airport in Guyana, a representative of the University will be at the airport to receive students, an approval letter will be issued to students before travelling to Guyana in order to be issued with their study Visa upon arrival at the airport in Guyana.
  • Only students in receipt of the approval letter will be allowed to enter Guyana and carry all his documents attested by the department of education and then by the Guyanese embassy locally- In some cases where the embassies are not there, they can get the attestation from UK embassy.

Document required for visa :

  • Visa Application form (2)
  • Photo (2)
  • Covering Letter from Student.
  • Content: From, Address, contact details, Passport details, Purpose of visit to Guyana.
  • Invitation (Optional)
  • Bank Statement (3 months) min 2 Lac
  • PCC
  • Medical Certificate
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination certificates
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Flight itinerary
  • Educational Certificate (Last)
  • School leaving Certificate

Notarized Copy of the following documents:

  • notarized copies of their passport
  • notarized copies of level certificate
  • notarized copies of diploma or degree
  • notarized copies of Bank Statement
  • PCC from the passport office
  • Affidavit
  • Personal Health Statement

NOTE:The citizens of certain countries like USA, Brazil, Japan etc do not require a visa to enter Guyana. But the citizens of other countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. need a visa to enter Guyana. The complete list of countries whose nationals do need a visa to enter Guyana can be obtained at the official site of “Guyana Foreign Affairs“.