Medical Students Visa

Visa Application Guidelines for International Students

LAU assists its students with

Student Visa Application Form

and provide assistance in Visa renewals as well. Following is the compliance process and the requirements for entry and study in Guyana:
  • Students must submit notarized copies of their passport, certificate, diploma or degree.
  • The university will process the Visa application locally.
  • The approval process in Guyana takes one Month.
  • Once students are approved to come to Guyana, An approval letter will be issued to students before traveling to Guyana. Further, a representative of the University will be at the Guyana airport to receive students and a Visa will be issued to them upon arrival at the airport in Guyana.
  • Only students in receipt of the approval letter will be allowed to enter Guyana and the students shall carry all their documents attested by the Department of Education and then by the local

    Guyanese embassy

List of document required for Visa

Following is the list of documents (including documents prescribed by the High Commission of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana) to obtain Guyanese Student Visa:

  • Two completed visa application forms with two recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • Valid passport (at least 6 months validity). Passport data pages should be photocopied.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (issued preferably by The Ministry of External Affairs).
  • Evidence of funds available to the applicant for the duration of the visit. The statement should be stamped and sign by the Bank. [For minimum $3000]
  • Letter of Acceptance from the University.
  • Letter of Invitation from the University.
  • Educational Certificates (must be attested by the relevant authorities).
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.
  • General Medical Certificate.
  • Hotel Reservation.
  • Cover letter from the student
  • Notarized copy of School Leaving Certificate

NOTE: The nationals of certain countries like USA, Brazil, Japan etc. do not require a Visa to enter Guyana. But the citizens of other countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. need a visa to enter Guyana. The complete list of countries whose nationals do need a visa to enter Guyana can be obtained at the official site of "Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guyana".



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