At Lincoln American University, we always look forward to people who are eager to join the University to support our education system, make an indelible impact on the quality of medical education we provide to students worldwide, and who are committed to the betterment of healthcare.

At the University, we maintain a positive, efficient, and fulfilling work culture where all the members feel like they are in their second home. All the University employees are provided with the modern equipment to carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively, and pay is assured as per the best industry practices along with suitable growth opportunities.

Our members take pride in working for an institution that is bridging the gap between means and ability to get quality medical education and democratizing healthcare study for aspiring doctors worldwide.

Our Work Culture


At the University, all the members can tell their side of the story and listen to what others have to say. We leave no room for miscommunication.

We are One

There are few things only you can do. There are few things only we can do. Together we can do great things.

Work-Life Balance

A happy life is a key to great work. We don't live to work. We work to live an make others lives better.


We appreciate both the good work and the people who do good work.


Neither we like being stagnant nor any of our University members.

We Challenge Us

Too stay completive, we keep challenging ourselves, inspire change for good, and look for new and innovative solutions to get the job done.

Honesty & Respect

We maintain the dignity of all. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty, disrespectful, and unethical behavior.

Equal & Open

Our workplace opportunities are open for one and all with no regard to any factor of discrimination.

If you are looking forward to making a difference in the world of education, medicine, and healthcare through your contribution and making a great career while doing the applaudable work, you are welcome to apply for the available Jobs at the University that best suits your skills, experience, and career pursuits.

We invite you to take your next career step! Come, be a part of this esteemed medical institutions, work in beautiful Georgetown city, make a difference in the world, and take your career to new heights.

Current Job Openings:

At the moment, no vacancy is available. Check back later for new job openings.



All you need to know about the University and your career prospect - our prospectus covers it all!

We provide knowledge to help to relieve the pain & discomfort of those in need.
We promote health care irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, and economic status.
We believe in the evidence-based practice of medicine.