Students & Staff Members of LAU assisted in the recent Health Outreach Program organized by GIRO

Lincoln American University is ranked among the Top Medical Schools of Guyana and is actively involved in improving the health of the locals.

The students & faculty members have been associated with such kind of events on a local level. This clearly reflects the conscience of the management at the University and helps the students to imbibe the empathic approach, even before the completion of their graduation. This will allow the students to understand the real issues and develop a more pragmatic approach in handling similar situations.

In the recent visit, LAU students & Staff assisted - GIRO - a non-governmental organization operated by Ms. Zameena and other local volunteers.

This kind of drives, also help the local Guyanese people with limited or no access, to procure basic health services. And this will not be a one-time activity. In stead a monthly activity, that would be carried out periodically on last Sunday of every month.

This would provide a complete health support system for the locals and revive the local health conditions for the citizens of Guyana.

Dr. Yusuf Abdullah has played a pivotal role in the organization for a long time and been very instrumental in organizing such events.

The students also get the opportunity to be better prepared for local health problems and remedial action required to overcome it.