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MBBS in Guyana at Lincoln American University for the Academic Year 2024-25

Embarking on the path to becoming a medical professional is a momentous decision, and for those considering pursuing their MBBS abroad, Lincoln American University in Guyana is a compelling choice. With a focus on accreditation, curriculum, faculty excellence, and global opportunities, this overview aims to provide a detailed understanding of the educational journey that awaits aspiring doctors in the vibrant academic environment of Lincoln American University.

Lincoln American University, situated in the picturesque landscape of Guyana, not only offers a globally recognized medical program but also provides an environment conducive to holistic growth. From cutting-edge facilities and experienced faculty to a curriculum that integrates the latest advancements in medical science, Lincoln American University stands as a beacon for those seeking a comprehensive and quality education in the field of medicine. This overview will guide prospective students through the distinctive features and opportunities that define the MD~MBBS program at Lincoln American University for the upcoming academic year 2024-25, shedding light on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Why Guyana?

Choosing the right location for pursuing medical education is crucial, and Guyana has become an increasingly popular choice for international students. The country offers a stable and welcoming environment, along with high-quality medical education. Being the only country in South America that speaks English, Guyana has become a preferred country for international students to pursue MBBS abroad. Lincoln American University, situated in the capital city of Georgetown, provides an excellent platform for aspiring doctors.

  1. Accreditation and Recognition
  2. One of the key considerations for selecting a medical school is accreditation and recognition. The National Accreditation Council of Guyana recognizes Lincoln American University and the university holds accreditation from various international medical bodies including the National Medical Commission of India. This ensures that the MBBS degree obtained from the university is globally accepted.

  3. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology
  4. The curriculum at Lincoln American University is designed to meet international standards, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences. The teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, practical sessions, and clinical exposure to ensure a holistic learning experience. The curriculum is regularly updated to incorporate advancements in medical research and technology.

  5. Faculty
  6. The success of any medical program depends on the expertise of the faculty members. Lincoln American University boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced professors who are dedicated to imparting quality education. The faculty-student ratio is favorable, allowing for personalized attention and mentorship.

  7. Facilities and Infrastructure
  8. A conducive learning environment is essential for medical students, and Lincoln American University prioritizes this by providing state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and a comprehensive library contribute to a well-rounded educational experience.

  9. Clinical Rotations
  10. Clinical exposure is a critical component of medical education, and Lincoln American University ensures that students receive hands-on training through clinical rotations. The university has affiliations with reputed hospitals, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-life medical scenarios.

  11. Global Opportunities
  12. Upon completion of the MBBS program from Lincoln American University, students have the opportunity to pursue further medical studies or gain practical experience through internships. Lincoln American University facilitates global opportunities for its graduates, opening doors to a wide range of career options worldwide.

  13. Admission Process
  14. Securing admission to Lincoln American University involves a transparent and straightforward process. Prospective students need to fulfill the eligibility criteria, including academic qualifications and language proficiency. The university's admissions team provides guidance and support throughout the application process.

MD~MBBS at Lincoln American University

MD~MBBS in Guyana is a 5-year medical program offered to international students in English medium. The university’s curriculum includes basic sciences and clinical rotations designed based on the MD program in USA to meet the licensing requirements in the US and other nations including India, UK, Canada, and many others so that after MD graduation from LAU, students can practice in the country of their choice.

The MD Program at LAU is bifurcated into 3 different sections - Pre-Clinical Program, Basic Sciences & Para Clinical Program, and Clinical Sciences. The university offers medical training utilizing contemporary technology and supported by a modern, well-equipped infrastructure, alongside a team of experienced faculty, the practical training offered aims to shape students into globally competent practitioners of medical sciences. This approach equips them with the essential skills and knowledge needed to address the current and future requirements of patients, adapting to the evolving landscape of the global healthcare sector.

The MD~MBBS program at LAU is one of the finest programs in the Caribbean to pursue medicine in America. The university is accredited by National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana), and various other world renowned institutions such as the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), USA and empaneled by the National Medical Commission of India (NMC).

The university offers USMLE coaching and training, facilitating students in their preparation to successfully qualify the USMLE. This comprehensive support aims to enhance their chances of entering residency or fellowship programs in the United States, providing them with valuable opportunities for further specialization and career advancement.

Duration of MBBS in Guyana

The duration of MBBS in Guyana at LAU is 5 years, bifurcated into 3 sections including one year of Pre-Clinical Program/ Basic Foundation for Medical Sciences, two years of Basic Sciences & Para Clinical Program, and two years of Clinical Sciences.

Eligibility criteria

To study MBBS in Guyana for Indian students, NEET qualifying score is mandatory. This is essential for students wishing to appear for FMGE after MBBS from Guyana. However, for International students, the eligibility criteria for MBBS in Guyana at LAU is subjected to the medical council of the respective country. 

MBBS Fees for MBBS in Guyana

The tuition fees for MBBS in Guyana is approximately $45,000/. This financial investment covers the comprehensive medical education provided by institutions in the country. The cost includes various components such as academic resources, faculty expertise, practical training facilities, and access to modern infrastructure.

Licensing Examinations after MBBS from Guyana

Upon completing the MBBS program in Guyana, graduates are typically required to take licensing examinations to practice medicine in their desired destination, particularly if the students plan to work internationally. The licensing process ensures that medical professionals meet the standards and requirements of the respective medical boards or councils in the country where they intend to practice.

One of the common licensing examinations for international medical graduates is the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), especially for those aspiring to practice in the United States. Furthermore, for Indian medical graduates from Guyana to practice medicine in India,  For other countries, there may be equivalent examinations or processes. It is crucial for MBBS graduates from Guyana to research and understand the specific licensing requirements of the destination country where they intend to pursue their medical career. Adequate preparation and successful completion of these licensing examinations play a pivotal role in obtaining the necessary credentials to practice medicine in their chosen location.

Career Options after MBBS from Guyana

After MBBS from Guyana, graduates can pursue diverse career paths. Options include becoming medical practitioners, entering residency programs for specialization, engaging in medical research, exploring roles in public health and administration, participating in global health initiatives, becoming specialists or consultants, entering healthcare management, venturing into medical entrepreneurship, contributing to medical writing and journalism, offering medical consultancy, or pursuing other healthcare-related opportunities. The internationally recognized degree opens doors to various fields, allowing graduates to tailor their careers to their interests and goals.


Choosing Lincoln American University to pursue MBBS in Guyana for the academic year 2024-25 can be a transformative decision for aspiring medical professionals. With its accredited program, experienced faculty, and commitment to providing a global education, the university offers a solid foundation for a successful medical career. Students considering a career in medicine should carefully explore the opportunities offered by Lincoln American University to kickstart their journey towards becoming proficient and compassionate healthcare professionals.

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