Dr. (Prof) Tamkeen Kinah

Adjunct Professor of Cardiology

Dr. Tamkeen Kinah is currently working as a Cardiologist at King’s College Hospital London-UAE. He has many years of experience in cardiac care units and internal medicine departments in prestigious hospitals in Russia, India, and the UAE.

Dr. Kinah received his Ph.D. qualification (Candidate of medical sciences) in cardiology from Tver State Medical University. He has done extensive research in atrial fibrillation and cardiovascular diseases and many of his articles have been published in leading journals across the Russian Federation. He is extensively involved in local, regional, and international cardiology conferences as a chairman and speaker.

Lately, he has been elected as an adjunct professor of medical humanities at Baylor University, United States. Dr. Kinah is a fellow American College of Cardiology, fellow Gulf Heart Association, and a fellow Asia pacific vascular society.

He is also a member of European, Russian, and Emirates Cardiac Society.



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