Pre Medical Program

The First year of the
MD Program
is called Pre Medical Program (often abbreviated to “Pre-medical”, “


” or “Pre Med Program”).

The first year of study acts as a foundation course for the MD Program and is an important part of the complete course in order to understand the next level of Basic Sciences & Pre Clinical Program.

Lincoln American University offers a Pre Med Program for highly qualified and enthusiastic high school graduates. LAU’s Pre Med Program is designed to prepare the

Premed students

to handle the thorough course of study that they will experience in the remaining four years of
MD Program at Lincoln American University

This program is also designed for other prospective students who are willing to pursue higher education for a change in career that combines the undergraduate level of


studies and the graduate level
Medical Education.

The curriculum of Pre Med Program at LAU is designed as a prelude program to the5-Year Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program following US-based curriculum which makes it one of the best

pre med programs in America.

Pre med program

starts at the undergraduate level of studies taken over a duration of four semesters. After successfully completing this course with satisfactory marks and performance, the students are advanced into the regular Medical Program at the Basic Medical Sciences level.

This three-semester program can be entered at each year depending upon academic qualifications. It offers undergraduate sciences and laboratories, as well as post-high school level of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, English and Calculus. These courses contribute to the overall goals of a pre-professional education and much of the final semester of the premedical program.

LAU is one of the finest

Pre-Med Colleges

in which the

Pre Medical Program

is intended for the students with the strong base and academic background. For medical aspirants who are looking for a

Pre med college or

Pre med schools

, LAU can be the gateway to their dream medical career.

LAU is one of the fastest growing
medical school in Guyana
to pursue
MD in America
and is recognized by Medical Council of India, ECFMG, and FAIMER and registered with NAC, Guyana. The medium of instruction at LAU is English and the course curriculum is designed according to the best
medical universities in the Caribbean
Islands and MD in USA.

To all the medical aspirants

What are you waiting for? Enroll right away, join Lincoln American University, and embark your journey of becoming a doctor!

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