Basic Science Program
The second and third year of the

MD Program

is called the Basic Science Program or Pre Clinical Program and is the second stage in getting an

MD degree.

Lincoln American University offers the Basic Science Program which follows the US standard

medical college curriculum

. The curriculum of the Basic Science Program emphasizes problem-based learning and clinical correlations. During this program, the students are provided with a thorough knowledge of the basic biomedical sciences, physical examination skills, and problem-solving techniques which begin the first semester with the physical diagnosis.

At LAU, the faculty members of the

Basic Science Program

are graduates and postgraduates from reputed universities of the United States. LAU ensures to maintain a low student to faculty ratio to provide the best learning and practical exposure.

The Curriculum of the

Pre Clinical Program

at LAU is designed to offer the following:
  • In-depth knowledge of the basic medical sciences.
  • A range of problems encountered by doctors and the range of solutions that have been developed for their recognition, investigation, prevention, and treatment.
  • The principles of disease, therapy, ethical and legal issues relevant to the practice of medicine.
The medical curriculum at LAU matches the standards of MD in USA and classes & laboratories here are augmented with the latest technology & modern infrastructure, which makes LAU one of the finest medical universities to pursue

MD in South America

. Classes are enhanced with the latest educational technology.

In today’s changing world, every day, new researches are being performed to understand the anatomical functions, diseases, and treatments. Here, at Lincoln American University, the best practices are used to provide complete knowledge to the students not only through books but also with the unique practical ways to make them learn more. At LAU, classrooms are not the only source of gaining knowledge; rather students at LAU learn through experiences.

The Basic Science Program is completed in the four semesters. Clinical training is provided in the early semesters at LAU affiliated hospitals and clinical centers.

LAU is one of the finest

medical school in Guyana

, the gem of Caribbean region, which makes pursuing

MD in Caribbean

even more delightful experience.

The medium of instruction at LAU is English and the course curriculum is designed according to the best

medical universities in the Caribbean

Islands and

MD in USA.

To all the medical aspirants

What are you waiting for? Enroll right away, join
Lincoln American University
, kick-start your

MD in Guyana

and embark your journey of becoming a doctor!

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