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MD or MBBS in America & USA: Advantages & Disadvantages

For the future generation of doctors, an opportunity to pursue MD or MBBS in America (MBBS in America is designated as MD) represents one of the most premier choices to pursue medical education abroad and pursue doctor dreams. 


The United States of America and other countries in Americas like Barbados, Guyana, Canada, are few of the destinations for International Medical Aspirants to pursue MBBS abroad. While USA, Canada, other and similar countries continue to be the first choices, students also go for indirect routes to pursue medical education in America through getting admission in medical universities of Caribbean countries that offer clinical training in USA along with opportunities for Medical Residency and Postgraduate Medical Education in the States. 


On that note, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of MD or

MBBS in America

followed by procedure on how you can go for

Medical Education in America



Advantages of MD or MBBS in America


Finest Quality Education


US Medical Education is known worldwide for setting the benchmark, raising the bar, and producing some of the world’s finest medical professionals and gift the world with cures to some of the most life-threatening diseases. The US Medical Curriculum has a huge contribution to the industry standard and guarantees high quality of education.

Further, besides academics, with MD in USA, the students are made to deeply focus on research in laboratories and hands-on experience in clinical training.


International Clinical Exposure


The third phase of


is Clinical Rotations Program. During Clinical Rotations, you get the opportunity to get clinical training at some of the finest hospitals in the US and other countries, assist doctors, and be a part of patient care under expert supervision. 


In Clinical Training, you get the chance to experience life as a doctor and learn most of the know-how a doctor needs to have. Clinical training at different hospitals in different countries challenges you to adapt yourself to vide variety of healthcare requirements, different groups of people, and provide best healthcare services in all settings. 


USMLE Ready Curriculum


USMLE or Unites States Medical Licensing Examination is the medical examination that needs to be qualified to get a license for medical practice in the United States. USMLE is composed of three steps: Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3. Step 2 is further divided into two parts.  


If you study MBBS in USA, you study a curriculum that is USMLE oriented. While studying medicine in USA, you can qualify Step 1 and Step 2 during the MD or MBBS Program. After completion of MBBS, you can apply to get certified by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and qualify Step 3 of the USMLE during postgraduate medical education.


Worldwide Recognition


A MD in America is recognized worldwide. Once you complete your MD or MBBS in America, you can go to any country, qualify the licensing examination requirements, and get a license for the practice of medicine.


Great Career Opportunities


After completing your MBBS from America, you become a member of the elite club of medical professionals with deep expertise in medicine and patient care. 

Besides being gifted with happiness and mental satisfaction that the profession of medicine come pre-packed with, physicians with a qualification of the global standard are paid very well. Not to mention, pay scale is even better when you complete your MBBS or MD from the United States of America. 


Opportunities for Postgraduate Medical Education


After MBBS in America, you can join postgraduate medical programs in the USA or other countries worldwide. Usually, after completion of medical graduation from the US, students go for Medical Residency in the US, which takes three years to complete. 


During Residency, students can also qualify Step 3 of the

United States Medical Licensing Examination

(USMLE), which is the final step of USMLE. Completion of Residency and qualification of USMLE entitles the candidate to apply for medical licensure in the US and other nations worldwide. 


Best Medical Facilities


MBBS in US, with its infrastructure and resources is unmatchable and is truly state-of-the-art. MBBS in America can provide you with an opportunity to get hands-on experience on the very best of medical equipment and develop an understanding of the latest technologies and innovations in the field of healthcare.


Diverse Community of Students


While pursuing MBBS in America, you join a community of people hailing from different corners of the world. Medical Education in America offers you once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with people who bestow different cultures, speak different languages, are of different colors, religion, and race, but boarding the same boat with you. 


In such a global community, you can develop an understanding of the different systems of the world, build connections that spread globally, enlarge your professional network, and make friends who will be with you for the lifetime. 


Disadvantages of MD or MBBS in America


Costly affair


Pursuing MD or MBBS in America is not cheap and can set you back by tens of thousands of dollars. In

top medical colleges in America

, the course fee can go beyond US$ 65,000 per year, and you have to additionally bear hostel and mess expenses. 


Staying Away From Family


While this is not the disadvantage peculiar to pursuing MBBS from America, this is a disadvantage in comparison to MBBS from your home country. 


If you join MBBS in America as an international student, you need to stay away from your family. Initially, it’s not easy to adjust to a foreign country when no family member is accompanying you. Further, you have to adjust to the new country, culture, and atmosphere. 


Visa Hurdle


To study MBBS in America, you need to apply for US Student Visa. Getting a US Visa is a very daunting task with high rejection rate. To avoid a last-minute rush, you should apply for Visa at least three months before the date of reporting in the University and need to prepare for Visa interview as well. 


High Uncertainty


You may apply for clinical rotations or Residency in the US; however, the selection is not guaranteed. Selection of the students depends on the availability of seats. Further, in

medical universities in America

international students have lower probability of selection compared to students who are US citizens. 


Rigorous Admission Process


Entrance examination, counseling process, and a long waiting list are some of the steps of the rigorous admission process followed for the intake in

medical colleges in America


High cost of living 


In the United States, cost of living is significantly higher compared to other countries of the world. Besides college fee, you need to arrange for cost of accommodation, healthcare, food, and daily essentials. 


Medical Education in America Through Lincoln American University


Lincoln America University is situated in South America and offers a 5-Year MD Program, which is equivalent to MBBS. The entire program curriculum is based on MD Program of USA and strictly adheres to the requirements of USMLE. 


To prepare the students for


along with MD Program, the University has collaborated with Kaplan Medical for USMLE Coaching, the world’s leading provider of USMLE preparation facilities. 


For admission to Lincoln American University, there is no requirement for any entrance examination. Fresh batches are started every four months in January, May, and September and seats are allotted on the basis of merit and first come first serve basis.


Last two years of the Program constitute Clinical Rotations Program. Under the Clinical Rotations Program, you can opt for clinical rotations in the United States and pursue 2-Year clinical training in the US. Besides USA, clinical training is organized in other countries in Asia and Caribbean. To get US exposure while keeping the cost low, you can go for clinical rotations partly in USA and partly in other countries.


After completion of clinical training, students can apply for ECFMG certification and go for medical residency in America.


MD Program of Lincoln American University offers the gateway to pursue Medical Education in America while removing most of the barriers to entry in the United States. For admissions, you can apply online or contact Lincoln American University for admission inquiries and guidance. 


During your residency in the United States, you can appear and qualify Step 3 of the USMLE. Once you complete your residency and qualify Step 3 of USMLE, you can apply for medical licensure in the United States.

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