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10 Reasons You Should Choose A Career In Medicine And Become A Doctor

Being a doctor is a dream for millions. While the goal is common: “I want to become a doctor,” reasons to become a doctor are different for different medical aspirants. Some want to provide healthcare services to poor; some want to provide medical services in underserved and rural areas, some want to earn the respect that comes with the “doctor” label while others simply see it as an excellent economic opportunity and a symbol of success.
Well, if you have decided to become a doctor for a noble reason, good for you. If you are a student who is not sure about going for a medical degree and who is afraid of the question “why do you want to become a doctor?”, you have landed at the right place. 

For you and all other students who are on the verge of choosing a career or the ones who are struggling to find what to do with their career life, here are the top 10 reasons to help you let know why a career in medicine is a right choice and why you should become a doctor:

#1 World Needs More Doctors

The world has never seen enough doctors and people look forward to youngsters like you to choose this noble profession, become a doctor, give healthcare they need and make the world a better place. 

In 2006, World Health Organization (WHO) reported an estimated shortage of 4.3 million doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide and since then, the demand for healthcare professionals had not seen the light of the day when supply is enough. 

WHO prescribes a doctor-population ratio of 1:1000. However, very few countries have been successful in maintaining that humble ratio, so far. Here is the doctor-population ratio of some of the countries and continents, per recent reports:


Doctor-Population Ratio

Shortage of doctors (In Numbers)


























0.620: 1000











You can easily infer the following conclusions from the table above regarding shortage and demand of doctors in the world:

  • Very few developed countries in the world like Australia, USA, France, and Germany enjoy the luxury of having more doctors than the recommended minimum;
  • Developing countries like India and under-developed countries like Pakistan are a bit closer to achieve the prescribed number of doctors and need to increase their numbers to achieve the goal of healthcare for all; and
  • Poor and least developed countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh are in desperate need to have more doctors to look after their increasing population.

Data speaks better than anything else, and here, it clearly tells us that the world needs few more millions of doctors to ensure healthcare for all.

Available statistics show that over 45% of WHO Member States report to have less than 1 physician per 1000 population.” – World Health Organization

#2 Affordable Medical Education Is A Reality Now

Gone are the days when medical education was just for riches. Earlier, to pursue a career in medicine, most people were forced to opt for costly education options like MBBS in USA and other expensive countries.

However, with time, medical institutions like Lincoln American University have evolved which are working to bridge the gap between means and the ability to pursue medical education and providing affordable yet quality medical education in Caribbean where living and other costs are comparatively much cheaper, among other benefits of pursuing MD in Caribbean. 

#3 Global Respect And Job Security

While respect and job security should not be the top motivational factor for pursuing a career in medicine, it’s a good perk of being a physician. Once you are a doctor, you are secure in all ways and have assured job security. 

Have you ever found a doctor without a job? A sure no because that is just not possible. In the dearth of medical professionals, all doctors are in high demand all the time. That’s why a doctor gives you job security like no other profession. 

The medical profession is the most respected profession in the world. No matter where you work, you as a doctor, lead a life of dignity and respect. 

Further, doctors are one of the highest paid professionals globally. Depending on your specialization, experience, and expertise, as a doctor, you can earn well above US$ 100,000 p.a. to above million dollars a year and later on, if you plan to open your own clinic or hospital or decide to go for the private practice of medicine, the opportunities are endless. 

As per PayScale, the world’s leading website for information about salary, benefits and compensation, the average salary of MD Holders is $211,000 which is enormous. Also, as per consulting firm Merritt Hawkins & Associates' 2012 Review of Physician Recruiting Incentives, as reported by Forbes, here is what doctors are paid depending on their field of specialization:


Average Pay

Orthopedic Surgeon


Cardiology (invasive)








Cardiology (non-invasive)




Hematology/ Oncology




General Surgery










Emergency medicine






Internal medicine




Family practice




#4 Doctors Are Second Only To God

That may seem to be an overwhelming statement but very real. Becoming a doctor, you don’t save a single life, but several lives and their families. The satisfaction of saving lives goes far beyond the feeling of anything. 

People say that God performs miracles. We agree, and we say that doctors perform miracles too. Being a doctor is an honor and a responsibility of a lifetime. During the times of health crisis, there are only two things people look up to in hope of life: God and doctors. 

#5 You Will Be Happier

Do you know the secret to happiness? Well, we do. If you want to be happy, make others happy, and you will be happy. That’s the evergreen formula of happiness. 

By becoming a doctor, you take away the pain and sufferings of others by giving them medical treatment and healthcare. As a doctor, you are a continuous source of happiness for many people and their families.

When you give happiness to others, you are the happiest person of the moment. If you don’t believe it, try it. Try to make only one person around you happy and notice the feeling you have after that.

While becoming a doctor has many perks, your happiness tops the perks of the medical profession. Chasing the dream of becoming a doctor, is not just the pursuit of a great career but a pursuit of happiness too.

#6 Join A League of Elite People – Feel The Proud

Once you become a doctor, you become part of an elite community and experience the proud of being a medical professional. If you don’t realize what we are talking about, let us help you achieve. Imagine a doctor who you know and ask yourself – “what’s my perception about that doctor?” We’re sure you’ll get some good thoughts the moment you think about the doctors you know. 

We all have faced times when a doctor comes to our rescue, took charge of the dark time and ignited a light of hope. Being in the situation of doing the same thing for other people is just unparallel that can’t be compared to anything else in life. 

#7 You Will Live A Worthier Life

We genuinely believe that every single life is worthy but when it comes to doctors, we are a little biased. We think that life of every single doctor is a bit worthier! After all, a doctor cures many lives. 

Once you become a doctor, not only will you consider your life more valuable, but others will too.

#8 It’s Not The Destination, But Experiences That Count

While we all aim to achieve specific goals in our lives, we all know that we enjoy the journey more than we appreciate the realization of our goals. While becoming a doctor is a kind of destination and achievement for you, the experiences that you will have during your medical education, before becoming a doctor,  and clinical challenges that you’ll face as a medical practitioner, after becoming a doctor, will shape your life for good. 

Field of medicine is fascinating too. Being in a position of understanding the human body and knowing how to bring it back on track and the experiences in between are the ones that you will cherish for your lifetime.
Each time you cure a patient, the patient will thank you, and you will thank yourself for being a doctor!

#9 Diverse Career Opportunities, Globally

Being a doctor prepares you for a global world and international career opportunities. If you go for medical education from a well-recognized medical university, you get the eligibility to practice medicine worldwide including popular regions like India, USA, Canada, Caribbean, etc.

Further, as a doctor, you have a vast fleet of career opportunities to choose from. Postgraduation, you can choose to be a surgeon, a medical researcher, a medical professor, a management professional in healthcare institutions and much more. Being a doctor doesn’t mean that you have to be just with patients 24/7. There are many more options to choose from, and all of those contribute to the healthcare ecosystem, in some way or the other.

#10 One Reason That Only You Have: Your Own Calling To Become A Doctor 

There can be millions of reasons to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor that can be listed here. However, the most important reason is your own calling. Pathway to become a doctor is not an easy one and if you want to become a doctor, you need self-motivation and an unshakable reason for pursuing a career in medicine that should come from within. 

While the nine reasons that are listed above are great causes to go for medical education, they are incomplete without the particular reason that only you have. So, ask yourself once again – “Why I want to become a doctor?”. Adhere to your intuition, and you will get your calling that will stay with you throughout your medical journey.

Deciding to pursue a career is not an easy task. To help medical aspirants and youngsters like you, we crafted this guide to help you crystal clear why you should become a doctor. Hope, it will help you in deciding the right path. 

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