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How To Choose The Right University For Your Medical Studies in Guyana?

The entire procedure of starting the chase to live up the dream of becoming a doctor can be extremely stressful and totally nerve-wracking. From the very first stances, the aspiring students need to work very hard from their school days and clear the eligibility exam (in India’s case known as NEET-UG) and then again start your hard work during your studies.

However, many a times, the students seek to study in the reputed medical university and at times, it required the students to start looking for their opportunities abroad. With a varied number of opportunities and institutions promising the best, it can get a bit confusing and difficult to make a choice.

The admission process of getting into a med school can be stressful and nerve-wracking. You need to think clearly about which med school you are most suited to. An intelligent decision will come in handy long before you slip into your white coat because it will help you make the important and informed decision about the medical school you want to be in.

Choosing the right medical school is the most important decision for your life – it is where you will spend the next 5 or 6 years of your life and gain knowledge and skills needed to be a successful doctor.

Medical education in Guyana, itself is hugely popular among the international students for its affordable fee structure and the feature of aiding more successful opportunities with its medical degree. MBBS/MD in Guyana promises the students a lot of merits. However, it requires the students to keep a hold of some of the pre-requisites at the time of choosing the university.                                                                                                                                                 

Here are some of the important things you need to take into consideration when you start your journey to choose for your dream of becoming a doctor.

What is/are the accreditation/s it offers and does it aligns with your long-term goal?

The students often overlook the importance of accreditations and recognitions when choosing the university. The students are required to carefully look into the accreditation of the university, if they are actually planning to use it further down their career. A medical university is often listed, recognised and accredited by various organisations. One of the major being World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), and the local bodies ensuring the quality of the education.

The students should also keep in mind their long-term vision- “Where do I want to work as a doctor?” If the student aspires to work in the states, must note that from 2021 onwards, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) will only be the certifying body for the international students to practise in America. If you wish to practise in Canada, the Medical Council of Canada is the accreditation that comes for you. The same goes for the students aspiring to work in Australia, India or other parts of the world.                                                   

How much does the med school emphasis on teaching methodology?

Another more important feature for the students choosing their university abroad, is knowing about the teaching practices and faculties available. The students need to find out the average pupil-teacher ratio in a regular classroom. The more the ratio is, the more crowded the classroom will be and lower would be the attention given to the students. The more balanced the number of students per teacher are in a classroom, the more balanced the effectiveness of their teaching really is. 

At LAU, the pupil-teacher ratio is balanced at 15:1 on average. The competent faculty at the university helps the students in navigating their way through their dream and make it a reality.

How much would it cost- fee, living & other expenses included?

Budget is one of the main constraints the students face when it comes to choosing which university to choose for their medical studies. There may be some in their budget but not having required accreditation, facilities, etc. Getting a university that not only suits their budget but also fulfils their personal aims is extremely difficult. Therefore, the students need to look out for the options that not only are feasible but also provide the best of opportunities. 

The budget should not only include the tuition fees but also hostel & mess charges as well as cost of living and travel. Certainly, studying abroad away from the family can require some undiscussed expenses, therefore, the students and parents need to also take these minute and random expenses into their considerations.

What facilities does the university offer to the students?

Knowing where you're willing to spend the next few years of your life is important before applying. Often, applicants who consider a great medical school in a less desirable city end up struggling to complete their education. It is therefore important to take note of not only the location you are choosing to study but also the opportunities it holds. 

Many universities often list most of the facilities provided at their vicinity such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, hostels, mess, affiliated hospitals for internship and so on.

How is the student life at the university?

You will likely be spending quite a few years of your life in the chosen medical students. It is better to ensure that you experience a colourful and comfortable student life to make plenty of good memories. Therefore, it is better to talk to the current students to know about the extracurricular and festive activities offered by the students and know about their overall experience.

With all these questions answered, you would likely get a much clearer picture of which university to choose for your medical studies. For the students wondering about MBBS/MD in Guyana, Lincoln American University, School of Medicine is one of the best and popular choices for the International students.

The university is popular for facilitating the US-based educational practice that too at an affordable cost. With excellent infrastructure, state-of-art resources, continuously evolving facilities, competent faculties, comfortable hostels, hygienic mess facilities, and frequent extracurricular activities, LAU has gained its reputation from various stakeholders across the world.

To get more assistance in choosing your university or to know more about LAU and its admission process, the students are advised to contact via the student helpline number : 1800-843-9595 or write to us at or simply request a call from us

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