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Lincoln American University Offerings

Lincoln American University, School of medicine (LAU) is one of the fastest-growing medical universities in Guyana, South America. Guyana is the only country in South America, where English is the official language. All the students enrolled at LAU are given quality medical education to build a successful career in the field by the eminent faculty members.

The infrastructure and technology deployed at LAU are in-line with the current methodology adopted in the top medical universities in America and elsewhere. Modern approach to education adopted by LAU removes all the intellectual barriers between students of LAU and other premier institutions in the USA. Furthermore, this also paves the way for the LAU students to easily qualify the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) after completion of their medical education in Guyana. All the faculty members of LAU have extensive knowledge in their respective fields and ensure a thorough understanding of topics for the students.

In a short period, LAU has become home to 250+ medical students from all around the world who are studying medicine in Guyana at LAU Campus. The University is well-recognized by prominent medical organizations in the world. Along with recognition, several other factors makes Lincoln American University one of the best Medical Universities in Guyana:

International Standard Study Pattern

Lincoln American University meets the international standards for the MD curriculum. The study pattern of the LAU involves a greater significance on clinical practice, which helps the students to achieve outright and effective medical education. The faculty to student ratio is optimum and is also a primary factor for providing high-quality medical education in Guyana.

The curriculum of the program is based on the US medical curriculum and also adheres to the requirements of USMLE, helping LAU students quality the US Medical Licensing Examination and become eligible for medical practice not only in the United States but in other countries worldwide.

After completion of their medical course in Guyana, students can go to study medicine in USA for higher education, qualify medical licensing examination of the country where they want to practice, and get a license to practice medicine. For International Medical Graduates, there is no limit for career opportunities.

English Medium of Instruction

LAU follows a worldwide spoken language for its medium of instruction, i.e., English. Guyana is the only country in South America, which has chosen English as its official language of communication. This has further removed any kind of language barrier for international students enrolled at LAU and given them equal opportunities for a successful career in the medical field.

Global Recognition

Lincoln American University is a well-recognized medical university to pursue medical education in Caribbean. LAU is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), registered with National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), certified by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), recognized by Medical Council of Canada (MCC) and approved by Medical Council of India (MCI).

Medical degree issued by Lincoln American University is not only valid in Guyana but the Caribbean region, India, the United States, Canada, and other countries worldwide.

Caribbean Student Life

The management has paid special attention to ensure all modern amenities are provided to the students at LAU to overcome any pain-points during their academic tenure. Many international students have enrolled in the university, and so all arrangements are made to provide a conducive environment to the students and let them live a happy student life.

The authorities at LAU highly condemn any kind of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender, culture, or any other factors of discrimination. The hygienic and nutritious mess facility is a special facility among the different facilities available to the students at LAU.

For all-round growth and development of the students, the students are also involved in several community and welfare programs and sports activities like medical outreach programs, blood donation drives, day-outs, group trips, and local sports tournaments.

Affordable Medical Education

Medical Education in Guyana at LAU is highly subsidized and allows the students to study in a peaceful environment applauded by the prominent academicians in the field of medicine. Many scholars from the adjoining regions keep visiting the campus to share the new developments of the medical field. This allows the students to understand ground realities and develop a fresh perspective for real-life situations.

Scholarship For Meritorious Students

Meritorious and academically deserving candidates are provided various scholarships by the management at LAU to promote talent and serve the society. At LAU, the management has also made allowances for students hailing from economically weaker sections of the society and provide them with financial aid and the best opportunities to build their career.

International Collaboration

Lincoln American University has an association with global medical organizations like Global Alliance Medical Education (GAME), Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and has collaborated with universities, hospitals and other medical institutions in India, Guyana, Nepal, Russia, and the United States which provide the students international exposure.

Given the LAU advantages, aspiring doctors from various countries worldwide have enrolled in the University's MD Program (equivalent to MBBS). If you are a medical aspirant looking for an opportunity to study medicine in a well-recognized medical university, we invite you to apply to study medicine in Guyana at Lincoln American University, get enrolled in LAU's 5-Year MD Program, get quality medical education and training at the University and affiliated hospitals, and become a world-class doctor.

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