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June 11, 2019, Georgetown, Guyana

Recently, the Ministry of Public Health, Guyana conducted Health Expo in the capital city, Georgetown. The expo was arranged at Sophia Exhibition Centre with a theme of 'Reaching for a better life with good health' and continued for a period of four days.

About 35 students of Lincoln American University participated in the event under the guidance and supervision of University Registrar, Mr. G.V. Ranganath, University Director of Administration, Mr. Kabir, and with assistance from Student Governing Association (SGA) of the University.

The Health Expo 2019 marked the second term of the Public Health Ministry’s initiative to provide the people in Guyana with the information they need to take care of their health, provide the public with free healthcare and medical checkup services, and arrange for medicine at affordable rates.

The Expo was inaugurated on Wednesday, June 05, 2019, and continued for four days until Saturday, June 08, 2019, 10:00 p.m.  

Various medical institutions, universities, pharmaceutical corporations, medical practitioners, and prominent people from the healthcare industry participated in the Expo from private as well as public sector including:

  • Hon’ble Minister Volda Lawrence, Member of Parliament and Minister of Public Health, Guyana 
  • Hon. Sydney C. Allicock, Member of Parliament and Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs, Guyana 
  • Ms. Collette Adams, Permanent Secretary to the Public Health Ministry
  • Ms. Shaniece Thom, President of the Georgetown Peer Educators, Adolescent Health Unit

Access to the exhibition was free and Guyanese took full benefit of this once-in-a-year eventful opportunity. In the expo, the active participation of LAU students was distinctly visible with their cordial behavior, discipline, and dedication towards providing health services to the people who visited the Expo.  

In the Expo, LAU students seized the opportunity to make the best use of the medical skills they had learned at the University so far and were involved in providing basic healthcare services, on-spot health checkups and treatment to the visitors like Blood Pressure Test, Diabetes Test, etc.  


LAU Students Providing Health Check-up services in Guyana Health Expo, 2019.

Apart from providing medical services, students also benefitted from free interaction with the local people of Guyana and learning from their peers and industry leaders from reputed institutions who also participated in the event.

LAU Students Presenting Anatomy Models and Medical Equipment in Guyana Health Expo, 2019

For public awareness and information and to inspire the aspiring doctors in Guyana, LAU students also displayed anatomy models and medical equipment in the exhibition and provided a wonderful description of each model and equipment to the visitors. 

LAU students were thrilled to have this opportunity of using their skillsets for the good of the public and learn new things of medicine along the way.

During the Expo, Hon’ble Minister Volda Lawrence, Member of Parliament and Minister of Public Health, Guyana also visited the exhibition presented by LAU students and encouraged the students for the good work and their dedication towards the medical profession. On occasion, Hon’ble minister also enquired about the University and promised a future visit to the University campus. The Hon'ble Minister was apprised about the latest developments of the University and was welcomed to please visit the University, take a tour of the campus, and guide the students and University members.

LAU Students with Hon’ble Minister Volda Lawrence, Member of Parliament and Minister of Public Health, Guyana during Guyana Health Expo, 2019

Well, the exhibition was concluded as a huge success. In the expo, hundreds of Guyanese were able to get health services and treatment for free and medicines at a discounted price. We are proud as well as humbled to be a part of this great initiative of the Public Health Ministry. Also, for the LAU students who are currently studying medicine in Guyana at University’s Georgetown Campus, the event proved to be a great learning experience as well as a contribution to humanity. 

LAU makes sure to provide its students with the best possible medical education and holistic development opportunities and participation in community welfare and informative programs like Health Expo and medical outreach ensures that our students qualify as exceptional doctors and good human beings by the time they complete their MD in Guyana. 

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