The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

April 29, 2019, Georgetown, Guyana

On April 28, students and staff members of Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) participated in the Medical Outreach Program and Blood Donation camp organized by Guyana International Relief Organisation (GIRO) and National Community Development Council (NCDC) in collaboration with the Blood Bank of Guyana at Community Centre, Herstelling in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana. 

The Program was arranged with a theme of “Give The Gift Of Life” which is so true given the fact that on average, one unit of blood saves three lives.   


About 26 students of LAU actively involved in the program and performed volunteer activities under the guidance of Dr. Yusuf Abdullah, Faculty of Anatomy & Physiology and Pre-Medical Program Co-ordinator, Mr. S.K. Chowdhury, Director of Administration, and Mr. Ranganath, Registrar at Lincoln American University. 


In the camp, students were indulged in various medical activities including Blood Pressure test, Diabetes test, Pulse Rate check-up, and other primary health check-up activities. In the program, students also got the opportunity to interact with patients, ask for their health, record their medical history and provide care. Students also helped in the appropriate distribution of medicines throughout the program. All the activities were carried under expert guidance and supervision to ensure proper treatment for the healthcare recipients and active learning for the students. 


Students also came forward to donate blood. Blood donation requests from students who are in good health and have adequate weight were approved, and they were allowed to donate blood and support the noble cause of ensuring sufficient resources as well as medical services for those in need. The blood units collected in the blood donation camp will serve as a lifeline in saving people fighting for life in emergency conditions.


The camp was inaugurated at 09:00 Sunday Morning and continued till late afternoon. Via the health camp, more than 50 people were able to utilize free healthcare services and got the medicines they need. Further, medical counseling and consulting were provided to Guyanese residents on their particular health concerns. 


During the conclusion of the event, Ms. Zameena Mohammed, Chairperson of Guyana International Relief Organisation and Mr. Romel Roopnarine, Chief of National Community Development Council conveyed thanks to all the students and staff of LAU for actively participating in this service to humanity and assured their full support for all the events and programs being organized by LAU.


The exercise was successful and fruitful. While the patients got the care they needed, our students got the privilege to serve the people, provide them care and further develop a sense of humanity. We at Lincoln American University believe in the holistic development of our students and always look forward to giving back to the community.


Participation in medical outreach and welfare programs help the students take their medical education in Guyana beyond the University Campus and get a glimpse into how the world of medicine works. These community and shared activities also make them familiar with healthcare settings and help them attain professional as well as interpersonal skills which will help them when they will enter into Clinical Rotations Phase in the 4th year of the program.


These efforts are a testimony to our commitment and ever-growing endeavors to provide the best quality medical education in South America to students from all around the world, improve the health of people of the community, make healthcare infrastructure stronger in the country and emerge as a top medical university in America. 

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