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Benefits of studying MBBS at LAU, Guyana

Medicine is one of the most lucrative and sought-after career options for most people across the globe. Studying MBBS in Guyana at Lincoln American University is one of the best options. Many Indian students who dream of becoming doctors can easily afford to study MBBS at LAU. The university offers a globally recognized MD~MBBS program, at a reasonable tuition fee.
Lincoln American University is a private medical university offering a quality MBBS program in Guyana. The University provides a unique MBBS program to all medical students. At the university, students learn less in class and more in laboratories, experiments, through projects, seminars, conferences, and also clinical rotations.
The curriculum at Lincoln American University is based on US medical curriculum and international clinical rotations to ensure education at LAU matches the International standards that are globally recognized by various leading medical institutions. Recognitions from various medical institutions of the world allow LAU's Medical students to practice medicine in countries like India, USA, Canada, UK, and other nations.

Benefits of studying MD/MBBS in LAU

Medical Education at Lincoln American University comes with many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of studying MBBS at Lincoln American University:
Finest Quality Education

Lincoln American University follows the International standard of medical education. The US curriculum has a huge contribution to medical education in Guyana.
Being recognized by the NMC/MCI, medical education in Guyana generally offers top-quality medical education to MBBS students of LAU.

MBBS without NEET for Indian Students

At Lincoln American University, Indian medical aspirants can apply for the MD/MBBS course without NEET. This is one of the advantages for Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS Abroad. The first year of the MBBS program is conducted at Sharda University, Delhi, India. During this time, students can prepare and clear the NEET exam in order to be able to appear for the FMGE exam after MBBS from LAU to practice medicine in India.

English medium of instruction

Guyana is the only country in South America whose official language is the English language. This eases the language barrier for international students. MBBS course at LAU is being taught in English Medium
Global Recognitions

MBBS degree from LAU is recognized worldwide by the NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, NAC, MCC, and other medical institutions of the world. Once you complete your MD or MBBS from LAU, you can go to any country, qualify the licensing examination requirements, and get a license to practice medicine in a specific country.

Affordable Tuition Fees

Lincoln American University offers MD/MBBS in Guyana at an affordable cost. Medical Education in Guyana at LAU is highly subsidized which allows the international students to pursue their higher studies or MBBS course without any financial constraints.

International Exposure

Studying MBBS Abroad is an experience in itself. Students who are studying MD/MBBS in LAU get to meet fellow foreign students from different ethnic backgrounds, adapt to the new environment, learn a new culture, explore the country, and the possibility to enhance personal development. Lincoln American University ensures students are well trained academically. Various activities such as seminars, conferences, etc are conducted to ensure that students get international exposure. 

International Clinical Exposure

Clinical Rotations at LAU allow students to get clinical training at some of the finest hospitals in the USA, India, Nepal, and other countries. Students get the chance to experience life as a doctor and learn more about life as a Doctor. Clinical training at different hospitals in different countries is challenging, it encourages the students to adapt to the wide variety of healthcare requirements, different groups of people, and provide the best healthcare services in all settings. 

Lifetime experience

Studying MBBS in Guyana can be a lifetime experience for the students. It is a chance to explore, meet new people from different countries, different communities, and different cultural backgrounds, a stepping stone to building confidence and independent life. 

USMLE Ready Curriculum

The MBBS program in LAU is a USMLE oriented program. USMLE or United States Medical Licensing Examination is a medical examination that needs to be qualified for Medical students to practice medicine in the USA. Students who are studying MD/MBBS from Lincoln American University can qualify the Step 1 and Step 2 of the USMLE during their MBBS program. After graduation, students can apply to get certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and qualify Step 3 of the USMLE during postgraduate medical education.
Great Career Opportunities

MBBS from Lincoln American University provides great career opportunities for the students. Since the MBBS degree at the university is recognized globally and also approved by the National Medical Commission, MBBS graduates can apply for the Medical Licensing Examination of any country to be able to practice medicine or become a qualified doctor in the country of their choice. MBBS from LAU paves the way for students to have a new perspective on various skills such as language skills, culture, a great education, and willingness to learn. 
International exposure benefits the students in building their medical career in any country. It helps them to get a chance to practice medicine in the country of their choice.


Studying MBBS in Guyana allows the students to explore the country, the different cultures representing the ethnicity of the country, the language spoken, and of course, getting to know the Guyanese people. There are various other benefits of studying MD/MBBS at Lincoln American University. If you wish to study medicine at LAU and explore the advantages of becoming a doctor from Guyana, please feel free to contact us through our student helpline number- 1800-843-9595 or visit our page to register yourself, we will be happy to assist you.

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