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MBBS in Caribbean: Best University & Benefits for Medical Aspirants

When it comes to studying medical education, getting an MBBS/ MD qualification and becoming a doctor, there is no medical aspirant whose list of alternatives doesn’t include “MBBS in Caribbean”!

MBBS in Caribbean medical universities have raised new hope for medical aspirants in Caribbean islands as well as medical students around the world. Every year, thousands of medical aspirants from countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, and other countries embark their journey of medical career with admission for MBBS in Caribbean medical universities.

If you’re here, chances are currently you are looking for a medical university in Caribbean to pursue your medical education and exploring the opportunities and career exposure that MBBS in Caribbean can offer you. Well, you have landed at the correct place. In this article, first we’ll explore the benefits of MBBS in Caribbean, then we’ll help you find a medical university in Caribbean for MBBS abroad and guide you how to get in there! 

Let’s start with the benefits of MBBS in Caribbean: 

#1 No Entrance Examination 

To get admission in a medical university in Caribbean, you don’t need to qualify any entrance examination as most of the Caribbean medical universities admit you in their MBBS/ MD Program based on your performance in school and your regional entrance exam qualification.

#2 International Standard Medical Curriculum

Medical curriculum of MBBS/ MD program in Caribbean region is based on US medical curriculum and follows the same standards as that of MD in USA which ensures that you get the benchmark medical education comparable to medical education in America.

#3 Gateway to Medical Practice in USA (USMLE Support)

There are several universities in the Caribbean (listed in the WDOMS and certified by ECFMG) which follows USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) focused medical curriculum and provide USMLE* support along with the MBBS Program. USMLE is a three-step examination gateway for medical licensure in the US. University USMLE coaching and faculty support while pursuing your MBBS in Caribbean can help you clear USMLE Step-1 and Step-2 during MBBS Program itself.  

Once you complete your MBBS from Caribbean, you can get certified from ECFMG and appear for Step-3 of the USMLE. After USMLE qualification, you unlock your eligibility for medical practice in the USA, India and many other countries! 

* Students of only those Caribbean Universities which are listed in WDOMS and are certified by ECFMG are eligible for USMLE. 

#4 Applied Knowledge

When it comes to medicine, you must know how to apply the knowledge you have gained through education, to the practice of medicine. Knowing how to put medical education to practical use is the essence of being a good doctor. Medical education in reputed Caribbean medical universities intensively focuses on the practical side of medicine to impart applied knowledge which facilitates the practice of evidence-based medicine.  

#5 International Clinical Rotations
Reputed Caribbean medical universities have tie-ups with hospitals in their own country, hospitals in West Indies & other Caribbean regions, hospitals in USA, Canada, Nepal and other countries all around the world. These international affiliations help the Caribbean medical students get clinical rotations across countries and gain international clinical experiences which prepares them for the practice of medicine at international level. 

If you go for MBBS in Caribbean, go for international clinical rotations and you’re ready for international practice.

#6 Global Recognition

Students of medical universities in the Caribbean which are listed, accredited, certified and recognized by international medical institutions like World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), Medical Council of India (MCI), Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) etc. enjoy global recognition since their medical degrees are recognized & respected globally. 

If you complete MBBS in Caribbean from a well-recognized medical university, your medical education and MBBS degree is valid in India, USA, Canada, and other countries and you can start practice in the country of your choice subject to fulfillment of country-specific requirements.

#7 Affordable Hostel Facilities

Hostel, food and other accommodation facilities are much cheaper in the Caribbean countries as compared to countries like USA, Russia, Canada, Australia etc. Affordable living cost in Caribbean provides huge relief for students with financial constraints. And saving money is a smart choice too!  

In Caribbean, you can find medical universities which provide furnished accommodation along with transportation, good food, and other facilities along with safety - all of that without making a deep hole in your pocket so that you can focus on what matters to you - your medical education.

Money does matter! Affordable accommodation offered by Caribbean adds one more point for you to pursue your MBBS in Caribbean.

#8 Good Infrastructure
Comparatively, medical Infrastructure in Caribbean medical universities is modern and tech equipped which helps you to dive in the pragmatic world of medicine and study at the pace of technology and advancements in the field of medicine.

#9 Diversification 
In Caribbean medical universities, you’ll find students from all corners of the world getting medical education with you. With such huge cultural diversification, you’ll be able to discover the other flavors of the world and get to know different cultures, values, and traditions. That contributes to you having an open mind and an open personality.

#10 Holistic Development 
In Caribbean, medical students’ life goes beyond medical education. Caribbean nature has so much to offer and its untouched beauty takes you for a ride in the world of true nature. 

From playing the beach cricket to feeling the trade winds while relaxing, from participating in community activities to enjoying the fishing, from playing golf to have that breathtaking view of waterfall, you’ll have so much delicious from all corners of life on your to-do plate while you’re in Caribbean, to help you develop from a holistic perspective.  

#11 Minimal Waiting List 

In Caribbean medical universities, admissions to medical programs are accepted on a rolling basis all year round for batches opening in January, May, and September. Means you are free to apply any time provided you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Once your application is accepted, you’ll be admitted to the available seat in the upcoming batches.

#12 Hassle Free Admission 

Unlike other medical universities, there are no complex formalities to be completed before getting into a Caribbean Medical University. Medical Universities in Caribbean offer a very simple admission process. All you need is just get decent marks in your school, clear your country specific medical entrance exam (like NEET in India) and you’re good for admission!

Further, some universities like Lincoln American University also provides online MBBS admission facility, help you get your passport and Visa application processed on an early basis and accompany you from the day you approach for counseling to the day of your convocation.

#13 Gateway to Vast Opportunities 

After completing MBBS from a well-recognized Caribbean medical university, many opportunities are open for the medical graduates like go for a post-graduate medical program, qualify USMLE and practice in USA, qualify MCI Screening test and practice medicine in India or practice in any other country of their choice subject to fulfillment of country-specific eligibility examinations.

Once you complete your MBBS in Caribbean, it’s up to you where you want to take your career.

#14 Assured Employment

After completing MBBS in Caribbean, you can easily get work in various countries in the South America region or you can go to Canada or USA, or other leading countries, qualify country-specific requirements and get residency of your choice.

As per recent research, by 2030, there will be a shortage of about 120,000 physicians in US alone. Increasing shortage of doctors all around the world makes the doctor a profession of both financial as well as physiological satisfaction - on one hand, you earn good money while on the other hand, you relieve pain of those who are suffering. 

#15 Affordable Tuition Fee 

Tuition fee for MBBS is Caribbean medical universities is much lower as compared to other medical universities abroad.

#16 Familiar Medium of Instruction

Majority of the Caribbean Medical Universities use English as the medium of instruction for medical education. English is an international language and most of the medical aspirants already knew English (probably you too!). So, to study MBBS in Caribbean, you don’t need to learn any new language and you can concentrate on learning medicine and devote your entire time and energy to MBBS.

#17 Friendly Atmosphere
While pursuing MBBS in Caribbean, you enjoy the tropical climate and friendly atmosphere of the Caribbean region. The soothing and relaxing environment of Caribbean keeps your mind in calm mode and help you keep going when you struggle to keep up with the pace of medical education.

#18 Low Student-Teacher Ratio 

Caribbean medical schools maintain a low student-teacher ratio and small size classes to enable healthy communication between students and faculty. Low student-teacher ratio helps you develop a good rapport with your medical faculty and staff which helps a lot in getting the support you need, not only during your MBBS duration but beyond that too!

#19 Great Community 

When you opt for MBBS in Caribbean, you join a large community of medical aspirants and doctors-in-process who are studying MBBS in Caribbean, medical professionals from around the world who are enriching the students with their medical treasure and a team of “University People” who are managing the entire ecosystem within the medical universities. If you need any help, you need to just ask for it and you'll get it from the helpful people out there.

#20 Living in Hidden-gem of Nature 
On earth, no region is blessed with nature more than the Caribbean. No wonder that Caribbean is famously called as the “Hidden-gem of nature”. The opportunity of studying MBBS in Caribbean is the opportunity of a lifetime. Your journey here of becoming a doctor will culminate into experiences that you’ll cherish for your lifetime.

#21 Well-suited Environment for Medical Education 

Research suggests that the physical environment can affect the academic progress of students by up to 25%. For great education, you need not just a great mind and a great body but a great environment as well. Where can you find in the world an environment like Caribbean? Caribbean’s calm, peaceful, naturally rich and healthy environment provides a conducive environment for your medical studies and helps you learn medicine in an efficient and effective way!

#22 Welcoming People!

Caribbean is home to many exotic locations and tourism is a major contributor to the Caribbean economy. How does it matter for MBBS in Caribbean? Well, due to tourism, people in the Caribbean are used to deal with people of all kinds from all around the world. Friendliness & a zeal to welcome others come naturally to people in the Caribbean. As a matter of fact, we’ll not be exaggerating to claim that people in Caribbean are over-friendly, in a good way!

#23 You’ll Be More Social

To be a successful doctor, you must be a people’s person! If you don’t know how to gel with new people, how are you going to make your patients feel comfortable with you? How are you going to get the medical history from your patients? That’s why you need to be a people’s person for being a good doctor. And the good news - Caribbean can help! 

During your MBBS in Caribbean region, Caribbean culture will accompany you throughout your medical journey and you’ll learn how to mingle, how to befriend anyone, how to gain trust and how to build connections.

#24 Sometimes, MBBS in Caribbean Is Dream Savior
Every year lacs of students in India, USA, and other countries appear for regional medical entrance examinations but only a few thousands manage to score top marks & manage huge finances to grab the limited medical seats available in medical institutions in their country. For the rest of the students, whose score didn’t make it to the cut-off list or for whom MBBS in the country like India or USA is financially unviable, MBBS in Caribbean, with affordable fee & relaxed score requirement, comes to the rescue and help them keep chasing their dream medical career.

If you could not get into a medical university in your country or found the fee structure too high, you don’t need to shatter your medical career. You can try finding a viable seat for MBBS in Caribbean Medical University with the score and finances you have, and chances are you’ll get one! So yeah… sometimes, MBBS Admission in a Caribbean Medical University can be the last resort for your dream medical career!

#25 And You’ll Have A Life Too!
Last but not the least… you’ll have a life in Caribbean!

Let’s face it. Medical education is hard and can leave you lifeless at times. Well, MBBS in Caribbean makes up for that dark aspect of medical education. The exotic atmosphere, beautiful white-sand beaches, trade winds, blue ocean, sunny weather with a bit of rain keeps your mood in good shape even at the times of stress. This makes sure that your life doesn’t go lifeless while you go through the rigorous course of MBBS. In Caribbean, you’ll get a good medical education and a good life too!

By now, after getting to know so many benefits of MBBS in Caribbean, you must have realized that MBBS in Caribbean is one of the finest alternatives for aspiring doctors like you and why you should get into a Caribbean Medical University to realize your dream medical career.

Now, it’s time to find out a perfect Caribbean medical university for you. Let’s help you with that.

MBBS in Caribbean - Which University Should You opt for?

Lincoln American University, School of Medicine.

Yes, we have only one answer to that question. If you want the best blend of the best life and the best of medical education possible in Caribbean, Lincoln American University should be on the top of your list. Let’s explore why Lincoln American University is one of the finest options for your medical education:

  •  World-class Recognition;
  •  Simple admission process + affordable;
  •  Pragmatic approach;
  •  International Medical Exposure; 
  •  Campus + Holistic Development; &
  •  All other benefits of medical education in Caribbean 

Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) is one of the fastest growing medical universities in the Caribbean region located in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana, Caribbean, South America.

LAU is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), registered with National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), certified by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).

If you are looking for medical education abroad, you should opt for medical education in Caribbean at Lincoln American University - one of the finest medical colleges in America providing international standard medical education in Guyana following the best practices of MD in USA, MBBS in West Indies and in the whole Caribbean region.

Since its inception in 2016, LAU is dedicated to be a transformational institution delivering quality medical education and bridge the gap between means and ability by making medical education affordable for masses. Our efforts have got media mentions as well, for good. 

Currently, LAU offers a 5-Year MD Program based on US medical curriculum and has 250+ students from countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Africa, among other countries. LAU’s US-based medical curriculum, global recognition and international rotations in the hospitals of Guyana and USA will prepare you to practice medicine in countries like India, USA, Canada, UK or other countries of your choice.

Apart from getting quality medical education with modern technology and education infrastructure, library full of medical treasure, fully-equipped campus, safe & furnished hostel facilities, laboratories including anatomy lab, computer lab, biotechnology lab, cafeteria and good food, your life at LAU will be blessed with the delightful Guyana experience, diverse culture, and indulgence in extracurricular activities & group trips for relaxation from the stress of studies which will make your journey of becoming a doctor an enjoyable experience and imbibe memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life, personally, socially as well as professionally!

If you aspire to become an exceptional doctor with holistic experience and global medical exposure, Lincoln American University is the place for you.

Apply now to experience excellence in medical education and embark your medical career with us. 

If you have any inquiry for admission or need help with your medical career, we’d love to help you in all ways we can. All you need is to get in touch with us:

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