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Shaping the Future of Healthcare through MBBS in Guyana

Over centuries, the medical field has become one of the most sought-after higher education in India and Abroad. With the increasing demand for qualified doctors, there’s also an increase in the development of advanced technologies that can solve the new challenges in the medical field. Today, many Medical Universities in Guyana offer the best medical education to all medical aspirants seeking to study MBBS at an affordable cost. 

MBBS in Guyana is recognized globally by the Top Medical institutions of the world. These universities are enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), certified by the Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), approved by the erstwhile Medical Council Of India (MCI), and National Accrediting Council (NAC), Guyana. 

About Lincoln American University

Lincoln American University is a private medical university offering quality medical education in Guyana. It is one of the finest universities to pursue MBBS/MD in Caribbean. LAU is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana). 

At the university, students are provided with endless opportunities, where they are trained with advanced learning methods to meet future challenges in the medical field. LAU provides admission at an affordable fee, low cost of living in Guyana, comfortable and safe boarding and lodging facility of the University, facility of Indian cuisine, feel at home with Guyanese of whom about 40% are of Indian origin, delightful living experience in the Caribbean and rejuvenating picnics and recreational activities at beautiful places in Guyana dedicated to student's holistic development.

MBBS in Guyana

MBBS at LAU is one of the sought-after higher studies programs for Indian medical aspirants. It is one of the finest Caribbean Medical Schools to study medicine in America. The MBBS Curriculum at LAU is designed according to the best medical universities for MBBS in Caribbean Islands. The entire course duration is 5 years including one year of preclinical sciences, two years of Paraclinical sciences and two years of clinical sciences program inclusive of clinical rotations at the university’s affiliated hospitals in Guyana viz. Georgetown Public Hospital and St Joseph Mercy Hospital.

At LAU, students get not only the classroom lectures but are also provided the chance to explore and experience medical experiments in laboratories, projects, seminars, clinics and dealings with patients under the professor’s guidance to create an atmosphere of academic excellence.

The eligibility criteria for Indian students to travel to Guyana to study MBBS is through NEET qualification. NEET is a mandatory entrance examination for Indian students who wish to practice medicine in India after completion of MBBS from Guyana. 

Modern technologies for better healthcare

The increasing use of technologies in healthcare is making the medical industry move faster, more reliable, and more accessible. It helps simplify the healthcare functions while significantly approaching a better goal. 

At LAU, modern technologies are used for teaching and training the students to deliver world-class healthcare professionals who can be a leader in the medical field.

Technology advancement is playing a significant role in improving the healthcare system. It helps in enhancing the efficiency, speed, and scope of healthcare, enabling the healthcare providers to make full potential of modern technology.


Lincoln American University provides the best for all its students. The availability of modern technology for laboratory and classroom teaching as well as clinical training provides excellent medical professionals. The university is fully equipped with modern infrastructure to provide a congenial environment for the development of the students.          

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