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Medical Education in Guyana-Everything You Should Know

For medical aspirants looking to pursue medical courses abroad, medical education in Guyana represents an overwhelming opportunity. If you choose a right University to pursue MD in Guyana, you can treasure innumerable benefits that education in Guyana offers – affordability, quality, comfortable living, global exposure, international recognition and much more!

Well, before diving into all the stuff on studying medical in Guyana, let’s explore a bit about Guyana and education system of the beautiful Caribbean country:


Guyana is an independent country situated in South America. Though Guyana is not located in the Caribbean, it has strong relations with the Caribbean Community —also known as CARICOM or CC— and regarded as a Caribbean country. Guyanese cricketers play for the Cricket Team of West Indies which culminates 7000 islands and a prominent part of the Caribbean!

Due to its great culture, diversity, aesthetic beauty, mouth-watering cuisine, pleasant climate, and remarkable historical sites, Guyana has been a popular tourist destination. 

Guyana is the only English-speaking nation in South America and is home to the world’s widest single-drop waterfall! While Guyana is a land of diverse people whose origins roots back to India, Africa, China, and other countries, 40% of the Guyanese people comprises people of Indian Origin. 

Apart from medical education, Guyana is one of the most sought-after destinations for rejuvenating trips and tours, sports, and a place to relax in a calm yet vibrant atmosphere. If you would like to know more about Guyana, feel free to check out our "Explore Guyana" Page.

Education in Guyana 

Guyana has been a British Colony for years before it gained independence in 1966. It’s no surprise that the education system of Guyana is based on the British Education System, given the long-term British influence on the nation.

As per recent data from UNESCO, Guyana maintains a literacy rate of 99.69% for the age group of 15-24 years, 65.64% for the age group of 15-64 years and 49.89% for the age group of 65+ years. 

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15-64 Years




65+ Years




From the literacy rate of Guyana, we can well infer that the country is in a progressive state for education and Ministry of Education, Government of Guyana, is actively investing in Education Infrastructure. In 2017, World Bank also announced “Guyana Education Sector Improvement Project” to strengthen the education system of the country.

In Guyana, English is the official language and so is the official dialect for education, administration and everything in between in Guyana.

Medical Education in Guyana

Guyana is home to some of the top medical universities in America which offers affordable medical education to local as well as international students. 

Well-recognized Medical Universities in Guyana follows US-based medical curriculum and provides opportunities for International Clinical Experiences which prepare future physicians like you to get ready for the global practice. 

Language of Medical Education in Guyana

As you already know, English is the official language of Guyana. So, all the medical colleges in Guyana follow English medium of Instruction. As a medical aspirant, chances are you know English well. Great! If you know English already, you are ready to talk to Guyanese and go ahead with your plan to study medicine in Guyana. You don’t need to learn any new language.

Why Medical Education in Guyana

If we keep on counting the benefits that medical education in Guyana comes with, this post will go too long. Anyways, let’s go through some of the key reasons for choosing Guyana as your destination for medical education:

#1 Familiar Medium of Instruction

International students are already familiar with English which is the primary language in Guyana. Unlike countries like Russia where you need to learn Russian, there is no such language barrier to study MD in Guyana.

#2 Low Cost of Living

Comparatively, the cost of living in Guyana is much lower against countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, which are expensive countries. Accommodation, food, travel and everything else required to live and study – you can get all at affordable prices in Guyana.

#3 Calm Atmosphere & Caribbean Lifestyle

Situated in the lap of nature, Guyana is blessed with pristine natural beauty and provides a calm environment much needed for medical education. To burst the stress of studies, you, in Guyana, can go out for a walk, sit beside a beach nearby and feel the Caribbean ambient. Guyana’s pleasant climate will also help you to make the most of your student life in Guyana.

#4 No Entrance Examination

Generally, universities in Guyana don’t require you to qualify an entrance examination, and you get admission based on your performance in Secondary School Examinations. Exemption from Entrance exam is significant relief, especially for students who find it hard to crack various medical entrance examinations or to score good enough to secure a medical seat elsewhere!

#5 Friendly People

Guyana is a popular tourist destination and friendliness comes naturally to people living there. In Guyana, you’ll feel at home with the welcoming Guyanese who are regarded as most hospitable people. They are kind, and they know your tongue!

#6 Explore Diverse Culture

Besides nature, Guyanese celebrate food, music, dance and their diversity. Culture in Guyana is a mix of Caribbean, and South American lifestyle blended with the own culture of local people who hails from different origins and worship different religions.

In Guyana, you will explore unity in diversity. Guyana’s national motto —"One people, One Nation, One Destiny"— sums it all up.  

#7 No Donation Required

Unlike countries like India, where private medical universities demand huge money as “donation,” you don’t have to face any “donation requirement” to get admission for medical studies in Guyana. As far as the money factor is concerned, you need to just take care of the low cost of living and affordable living cost in Guyana. 

#8 Low Tuition Fees

Tuition Fee of medical universities in Guyana like Lincoln American University is comparatively meager. By getting medical education at low tuition fees, you can bridge the gap between means and ability to become a doctor.

#9 Comfortable Living

Guyana is a place which offers larger than life experiences and provides exciting opportunities to discover nature in ways you have never before. Cultural activities, pleasant climate and safe environment of Guyana make your living a delightful experience. 

Living in Guyana Is A Delight. Delightful Living = Healthy Mind = Better Education.

#10 International Recognition & Global Exposure

A well-recognized medical college in Guyana is sure to provide you with a benchmark curriculum and a degree that is recognized in most of the countries including India, USA, Canada, etc. 

During the last two years of the MD Program, i.e., Clinical Rotations, you can opt for Clinical Experiences in different countries which will provide you with international exposure. 

After completing your MD in Guyana from a recognized university, you can go for higher medical education, apply for residency in United States, qualify USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), the licensure examination to get a license for medical practice in the US and practice in country of your choice, subject to qualifying the country-specific licensure examination.

Medical Education in Guyana, At Lincoln American University

Lincoln American University in Guyana is an international, well-recognized medical university and one of the most-sought-after Universities for medical education in Guyana

Currently, the University provides a 5-Year MD Program in its Georgetown Campus (4-Year MD Program for students holding an undergraduate degree in medical sciences). Due to global recognition of Lincoln American University, medical degree issues by the University is recognized in India, USA, Canada, across Africa, the Caribbean and worldwide. 

Here is why Students Choose Lincoln American University:

  • Affordable Fees Structure: Fees structure of LAU is one of the least in the Caribbean.
  • Global Recognition: MD degree of LAU is valid worldwide.
  • Simple Admission Process: One-window admission process. 
  • No Entrance Examination: Admission based on marks in secondary school.
  • University Managed Accommodation: Mess facility included.
  • US-based Medical Curriculum: USMLE support also provided.
  • Modern Infrastructure: Laboratories, spacious classrooms, library.
  • Competent Faculty: Experienced and specialized professors.
  • International Clinical Rotations: Clinicals in Caribbean, Asia, etc.
  • Delightful Living: Experience Caribbean lifestyle and Guyana’s nature.
  • Global Practice Opportunities: Practice in India, USA, Canada or other countries.

At Lincoln American University, Medical Education in South America comes pre-packaged with the above advantages which make LAU stand-out and rightfully hold the position of one of the finest medical colleges in South America.

For better onboard experience, LAU provides its students with a very smooth admission and onboarding experience. Students can Apply online or contact the Admission Team. Once they get in touch with the University, a dedicated Admission Advisor is assigned to every student who takes care of student support from day one to the day of graduation.

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