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Fail Forward: Inspiring Story of Swapnil An Aspiring Doctor

Living in the state of Maharashtra, Swapnil was one among the crowd of lacs of medical aspirants in India who dream of becoming a doctor. Like them, he also had a dream to qualify NEET, The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or the gateway to Medical Universities in India and abroad, get into a medical college in India, and move forward on his medical journey.


Well, curating all his aspirations into the back of his head and using that treasure to fuel the hard work required for NEET preparation, he gave it all, appeared for the test in 2018, and after the exam, was eagerly waiting for the result.


What’s Next?


Well, the result day had to come with a judgment on Swapnil’s fate. Taking care of all his enthusiasm, Swapnil finally got to know his result, and, in the result, Swapnil was, well, not qualified :(


What’s Next?  


Well, failures upset all of us, and Swapnil was not different. Swapnil got upset when he could not qualify his dream test even after months of hard work. 


However, determined to become a doctor, giving up was not an option for Swapnil; failure was. Swapnil decided to not to resign to his failure and decided to move forward with it.


Giving up was not an option for Swapnil; failure was.


He realized that if he wants to fulfill his dream, he needs to re-prepare for NEET, but it will snatch a full year of his life. With that guilt in mind, Swapnil was preparing for the 2019 term, half minded


One day, while going through his social media feed, he came across a post from Lincoln American University with information about Pre-Medical + NEET Preparation Program. In the program, students complete one year of Medical Program along with NEET preparation and after qualifying NEET, admitted to study MD Program of 4-Years approved by Medical Council of India. So, they don’t have to take a year off for NEET coaching. The idea that he doesn’t have to wait for a complete year to start his medical program and that he can prepare for and qualify NEET along with medical studies fascinated Swapnil.


What’s Next?


Well, Swapnil enquired about the program, got enrolled, and took the dual responsibility – one to prepare for NEET and others to prepare for the Pre-Medical Program, i.e., the first year of Medical Program.


Came 2019, Swapnil appeared again for NEET 2019. And this time —Any Guesses? — Swapnil cracked it! Yes, Swapnil qualified NEET in 2019. Not only that, but Swapnil is also going to complete his 1st Year of Pre-Medical in next two months. Then, Swapnil will be admitted to 4-Year MD Program to study MD (equivalent to MBBS) abroad and will realize his dream of becoming a doctor in the next four years. 



In India, lacs of students fail to qualify NEET each year and think that all their career doors are shattered while many students take a year off to re-prepare for NEET with their mind constantly thinking about the loss of one year. Among those students are people like Swapnil who go beyond their failures, accept them, move forward with them, and fight back with new energy and enthusiasm. 


Hopefully, the story of Swapnil will inspire millions of Medical Aspirants in India and will give them a new hope that even if they could not crack NEET this year, they don’t need to get disheartened or lose a year of their career. They can still become a doctor in 5 years. 

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