Associate Dean

Dr. Wesley Torrington

Dr. Wesley Torrington has acquired a range of professional skills which he never forgets to incorporate in his professional workings. Dr. Torrington is a highly motivated person who is a self starter. He is highly imaginative, creative and a team player who comforts every other person working with him. He is extremely capable of carrying out individual assignments.

Born on 16th July 1964, Dr. Torrington carries an opulent professional experience of over 15 years. Dr. Torrington graduated as a Medical Doctor [MBBS UG Med. School] in 2002 and after that got engaged in professional doings correlated to his domain.

In the entire span of his professional career, Dr. Torrington has inherited a rich experience by working at various designations. He has worked as a Consultant: curriculum and resource, Development of course curriculum and resource materials development, as a Consultant and technical specialist, as the National Trainer and Facilitator with Ministry of Health National Aids Programme Secretariat, Training and Health Consultant and as a Charge Nurse and Lecturer with many top medical universities and hospitals.

Dr. Torrington also acted as a Facilitator at General Nursing Council/DMH Continuing Education Programme in 2004 where he was responsible for Preparing and conducting Seminars/workshop trainings. He has also been a Tutor at the University of Guyana-IDCE in Collaboration with Davis Memorial Hospital. Dr. Torrington has spent a considerable amount of time in Research activities on matters of HIV/STI Risk Behavior of Patients Seeking Services at the GUM clinic in 2002, Cholesterol as a Risk Factor in Guyana in 2000 and Adequacy of Nursing Care at Georgetown Public Hospital in 1995.

Dr. Torrington preaches excellence in all realms of life. He is not just an expert in professional domain, he is equally remarkable in other vocational activities including various crafts, electrical installation, upholstery, Computer repairs, building and networking, Agriculture, carpentry etc.

Dr.Torrington is a startling Public speaker and debater and is operational as a teacher of Survival Skills, Trainer of youth in Depressed Communities, Teacher of First-Aid and basic health skills to communities, Teacher of First Aid, CPR and Home Nursing.

His Hobbies include Reading, listening to music, playing various sports like Rugby and Cricket, hiking, traveling etc.

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