The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Paving the pathway of greater heights and possible collaborations, the Vice-Chancellor of Lincoln American University, Guyana, Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor (Retd.), recently held a table with the Honorable Health Minister of Guyana, Dr. Frank Anthony. The meeting witnessed the participation of Dr Sen, Chief Medical Officer, GPHC, Dr Lequita Pryce, Quality Assurance Officer and Controller of Examinations, LAU and Dr Stephanie Gittens, Clinical Coordinator LAU.

The discussion addressed issues like the quality of medical education, expansion plans of LAU, clinical rotations, student and teacher evaluation etc. The Vice-Chancellor also applauded the remarkable & phenomenal efforts of Dr Anthony in improving and strengthening the medical infrastructure of the country. The two counterparts deliberated upon the requirement of doing organized community-related projects in a manner best suited for both the students and the local community.

The meeting also deliberated upon future capital plans as well as the societal contributions of the university to strengthen in correspondence to strengthening the current operational structures of the university. All in all it was a very cordial and fruitful meeting that has paved  the way for a fruitful outcome based symbiotic relationship.

With this, LAU has further established itself as a reputed and renowned institution for in the region facilitating the world-class medical education to the students of 20+ countries at an affordable price.

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