Hello Doctors, Doctors-To-Be

The month of October has been busy, joyful and festive, and well, fruitful!

In October, we visited three different cities in Nigeria to guide medical students, started two new batches of the MD Program, celebrated lots of Indian Festivals including the great Diwali, and added some exciting sections in the Newsletter!

At LAU, we believe in innovation and with this newsletter, we are introducing two innovations to help our students become better medical professionals — Two more new activities: One is for fun and testing your GK and another one relates to USMLE.

From this newsletter onwards, you will get to play LAU Crossword Puzzle exclusively designed for University members. The objective of the puzzle is to help you and all members carry out a recreational activity of solving the puzzle, release stress with the fun and joy, and improve mental well-being. The first three members, who submit the solved puzzle, will be featured on the University website and online mediums!

The next one is USMLE Education Corner where we will dive into strategies to help you prepare for USMLE. You will also get some new and sample questions on USMLE Step 1.

Without further ado, let's dive in:

#1 Embrace Humanity: Message From Vice-Chancellor

Hello, Dear Students!

Today, I would like to address you all to invite your attention to one of the vital aspects of becoming proficient healthcare professional. That aspect is humanity.

Presently, you are studying medicine, and after completion of your medical course and clinical training, you will qualify as doctors. Being a doctor is not just another profession. When you become a doctor, you will not only be responsible for providing care to the patients but also comforting the patients as well as their family members at an emotional level. For that, you need to develop humanity based skills and have empathy for what others are going through.

While course curriculum and medical training help you get all the technical expertise, skills like humanity and empathy can be developed only with involvement in society, being a part of others’ life, celebrating happiness as well as feeling the pain of others, taking part in community problems, and finding solutions by working together.

As you might already know, to help you and all the students develop these essential life skills, we keep organizing welfare programs, including participation in monthly Medical Outreach Programs, Annual Blood Donation Drive, Medical Exhibitions, and so on. However, all those efforts can be fruitful only with your active participation and a desire to help people from within.

Remember this principle: Treat others like the way you want to be treated, and humanity, —especially for doctors— brings the best of you for the world and yourself.

Keep learning smart, have empathy, treat people well, provide care with humanity, and you are all set on your way to a glorious career in medicine and happy life.

Best wishes,
Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor
Vice Chancellor, Lincoln American University

#2 Art of Medicine: Art of Giving

The real art of medicine lies in the art of giving and volunteering for a medical outreach program and taking care of people's health is one way to do that.

#3 USMLE Education Corner

Welcome to USMLE Education Corner! With USMLE Education Corner, we will unfold for you the best strategies and practices for USMLE preparation, make you familiar with the USMLE Question and Examination Format, and will answer all the questions you have in mind about USMLE.

To start, play the first quiz of USMLE Step 1 now and check how well prepared you are. Once you submit the quiz, we will email you the answer keys along with your score! Play USMLE Step 1 (October 2019) Quiz now:

#4 Best of Luck, Doctors-To-Be!

The next group of students from India, joining the MD Program October 2019 Batch, flew to Guyana in the second week of October. We congratulate all the students on their new journey.

To all the newcomers: Cheers! Study hard and study smart to become compassionate, caring, and competent doctors. We wish you all success, Doctors-To-Be!

#5 Happy Birthday, Gaurav!

On October 04, we celebrated the birthday of our student, Gaurav. The party was joyful, the cake was delicious, the laughs were loud, and the fun was great! If you could not attend the party or wish Gaurav, greet belated happy birthday now:

#6 Welcome to the Basic Sciences Program.

All the students who successfully completed the Pre-Medical Program (Year I of 5-Year MD Program) are now pursuing the next level of the Program i.e., Basic Sciences Program (also called Pre-Clinical Program).

As they are now going to embark on a new journey through Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry Labs, we congratulate them on coming to the next level and extend our best wishes for a great learning experience at LAU.

#7 Reaching Aspiring Doctors Where They Are!

To make the process of admission to the MD Program of Lincoln American University easier for medical aspirants in Nigeria, we participated in the Lekkside Education Fair for September-October 2019, Nigeria’s Largest International Education Fair.

The fair was organized in different cities across Nigeria on different dates. Our participation helped hundreds of Nigerian Medical Aspirants get guidance and counseling on medical education abroad, and eligible students got on-spot admission to the MD Program.

At LAU, we endeavor to make medical education affordable for masses and make the admission process as smooth as possible. Our Nigeria visit is part of that endeavor, and we are looking forward to active participation in other likely events and help medical aspirants worldwide.

#8 Pre-Medical 2019 Classes Start in India.

Following the Pre-Medical & NEET Coaching Program Orientation Ceremony, Pre-Medical classes for the 2019-20 session have started in India. The program is a unique opportunity for the medical aspirants in India who are yet to qualify NEET to complete one year of the Pre-Medical Portion of the MD Program as well as qualify NEET - all in 12 months of time.

#9 Diwali Celebrations: Go Green Diwali

We celebrated Diwali with worship, delicious cuisines and sweets, dance, lamps, and, most importantly, without firecrackers. Go Green Diwali

#10 Congratulations, Our Cricket Rockstars!

On October 26, members of the Student Governing Association (SGA) participated in the inter-university sports event organized by the University of Guyana. Among other students, our students Mitali, Unnati, Sana, Niyati, Tanish, Rahul, Subham, and Amandeep were members of the team that won the Cricket match. Cheers to the victory!

#11 Crossword Puzzle: Fruits - Fresh, Healthy, and Fruitful!

To get a printable copy of the Puzzle, hints and submission guidelines, please download a printable file by clicking on the download button below:

#12 What Inspired Niyati To Become A Doctor?

Besides the acute shortage of doctors in India, one incident in the life of Niyati —a medical aspirant from the state of Haryana— made her mind that she wants to become a doctor. To find out more, listen to Niyati’s story in her own words:

#13 Guyana's Flag: The Golden Arrowhead.

The national flag of Guyana is popularly known as “The Golden Arrowhead.” The flag has five colors:

  • Red: Symbolizes zeal and dynamism.
  • Black: Symbolizes Endurance.
  • Gold: Symbolizes mineral wealth.
  • White: Symbolizes rivers and water.
  • Green: Symbolizes agriculture and forests.

#14 Selected Reads



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