The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

The process of becoming a doctor

MBBS is a reputed degree in India and all over the world. In India, the young aspirants and their parents take the preparations and the goal of being a doctor quite seriously. In india the entrance exam for medical colleges is called NEET. NEET is the abbreviated form of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. 

The students who are from science stream in their 12th standard, with physics, chemistry and biology as their major subjects are eligible to apply for the entrance. The qualification of NEET and the cutoff bar ensures the admission of a student in Indian medical colleges. NEET is considered one of the toughest entrance exams in India and people take the qualification very seriously. Lakhs of students apply every year and only a fraction become eligible for medical education. The universities are recognised widely all over the world and Indian doctors get jobs in other countries as well.
On the other hand, in foreign countries, the rules vary according to the state rules in different countries. Generally for Indian students, the minimum qualification in NEET is considered mandatory, apart from that, having 50 percent marks at least, in 12th standard is also the necessary criteria.

The universities are recognised by Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, WDOMS, and other such organizations, which allows the Indian students to pursue education abroad and pursue jobs internationally as well.
The fees of medical education is very high, but due to government subsidies and other facilities, some of the colleges and universities, government as well as private, provide education at cheaper rates as well.

In foreign countries, generally the education is quite costly, but for Indian students, there are scholarships available, and other concessions which allows the education to be cheaper.

Universities in Russia, Bangladesh, China and other American and Caribbean states prefer Indian students, and also provide a healthy environment and some other facilities to make them feel at home.

The only difference between pursuing MBBS in Indian universities and foreign universities, is of the knowledge and training. The exposure in foreign universities is quite good, and the students who are already pursuing education abroad agree to it in general. But in India, the comfort zone is there for the students, in terms of language and communication. English language is the preferred medium of education in most of the countries and even India is a preferred destination for foreign nationals for both tourism and education.

The Visa process is another obstacle that the students get, and lack of knowledge about good colleges is also one of the reasons why most middle class parents are still skeptical about foreign universities.

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