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On June 05, 2019, National Testing Agency of India (NTA) released NEET 2019 results. In the result only, 797,042candidates could qualify the exam out of a total of 1,410,755 who appeared in the medical entrance examination.


We all know that to study medical and dental courses in MCI-Recognized medical universities in India as well as abroad, qualifying NEET is mandatory for all the students who are Indian citizens or overseas citizens on India. Given the situation, all the 613,713 candidates who could not qualify NEET this year are left with no choice but to re-prepare for the exam or let go of their dream of becoming a doctor.


Well, while preparing again for a completive exam like NEET, most of the students get frustrated or sad, not because of the hard work and efforts that they have to put in again to get through the exam but by the very fact that they are going to lose a precious year of their career only for NEET preparation.


Students, who appeared in NEET 2019 but could not qualify the exam, have the opportunity to become a doctor in the next five years with our exclusive pathway to MCI-recognized medical program and assisted NEET preparation.

To help the students, come out of the NEET trap with motivation, dedication, and hope, Lincoln American University has prepared an exclusive pathway to help NEET unqualified students pursue MCI-Recognized medical program and become a doctor in 5 years! So, if you have qualified NEET in 2019, we congratulate you and invite you to apply to 5-Year MCI-Recognized medical program of Lincoln American University ( ≈MBBS). If you could not qualify NEET in 2019, don’t worry! Keep reading to explore our exclusive medical program arrangements following which you can qualify as a doctor in the next 5 years.


Particulars Numbers
No. of candidates who registered for NEET 2019 15,19,375
No. of candidates who appeared in NEET 2019 14,10,755
No. of candidates who qualified in NEET 2019 7,97,042
NEET 2019 Pass Percentage 56.4975%
No. of candidates who could not qualify NET in 2019 613,713


If you are yet to qualify NEET, you can apply for 1-Year Pre-Medical Program at Lincoln American University. Our Pre-Medical Program is a prelude to the MD Program (≈MBBS) and takes one year to complete. While the Pre-Med Program is arranged in Guyana campus for NEET qualified students, we arrange a similar program for NEET unqualified students in Indiaalong with assistance in the preparation of NEET.


During Pre-Medical Program, NEET coaching is also provided, which increases your chances for a better score in the next attempt of NEET. So, while you will prepare for the next attempt of NEET, you will also be pursuing the first year of the medical program. By the completion of the first year, you can qualify NEET as well as finish your Pre-Medical Program in India. Once both these requirements are fulfilled, you can take direct admission to our MCI-Recognized 4-Year MD Program (≈MBBS) and come to study medicine in Guyana, South America.


So, if you could not qualify NEET, there is no need to worry aboutyour career. You still have the opportunity to become a doctor without wasting even a second of your precious time.


On the occasion, we invite you to apply to this special program exclusively designed for medical aspirants like you, study smart, and become a doctor in the next 5 years.

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