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Step-by-step process of Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a Doctor is a dream to many but only a few can accomplish that dream successfully. If you have ever dreamt of helping others to have a healthy and happy life, becoming a doctor is one of the best career choices. 

Though the process of becoming a doctor is quite challenging, the result, however, is rewarding. For students to become a Doctor, it is important to know every step to achieve success.

MBBS is a prestigious career in India and across the globe. MBBS in India and MBBS in Abroad have a lot in common. However, there are also differences among them. One of the differences between Studying MBBS in India and Foreign countries is the exposure and training methods.

How many years does it take to become a doctor? 

Lincoln American University offers an MD program of international standard and takes 5 years to complete. Furthermore, to become a highly qualified doctor, it may even take around 8 to 10 years depending on the students' preparation and specialty.  Though it may seem like a lifetime, the experience you will face during these years will leave a huge impact on your career. 

What course to take before studying MBBS in the Caribbean?

To turn your dream of becoming a doctor into reality, you must prepare for your medical career since your schooling. Choose Science stream with subjects in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and also English as your main subjects in your 10+2. Having the basic foundation of science helps you in applying and improving the same during your MBBS program. 

Is Neet required for MBBS in the Caribbean?

NEET is a common entrance examination for admission to medical schools in India or Abroad. Indian students must qualify NEET to study MD~MBBS in the Caribbean. 

Will extracurricular activities help in building a Medical career?

Volunteering in medical camps, community service and more helps you build a better understanding of your career. Look for an opportunity through the local hospital's website and search for Volunteer options.

Step-by-step Admission process for MBBS at Lincoln American University

  • Submit your Application - To get into LAU for MD/MBBS in Guyana, Submit your application to the university along with all the required documents such as your high school certificates, scan copy of your Passport, and passport size photograph. 

  • Acceptance Letter - Once your application is accepted by the university, you will receive a letter of acceptance. Upon receiving the letter, you must pay 25% of the tuition fees against the advance fee. At the same time, you must provide your original documents for visa processing.

  • Submit your Documents - Students are required to submit all the original documents for MD~MBBS in LAU
    1. 10th and 12th marksheets & certificates
    2. Medical fitness certificate
    3. Police clearance certificate
    4. Sponsor Letter
    5. Last 3 months bank statements with minimum US$ 7000 balance

  • Student Visa - After submitting your documents, it will take around 1 month to get your visa or depending on the working days of the embassy. 
    1. Pay the remaining 75% fees.
    2. Pay for food and accommodation.
    3. Pay for Air tickets.
    4. For international students, you must apply for a transit visa as well for your preferred route.

  • Fly to Guyana- Once all the documentation process is completed, the university head office will inform the date of travel and will accordingly book your flight tickets.

5-year MD at Lincoln American University, Guyana

LAU offers an MD~MBBS program based on the US medical curriculum. It follows the international standard of education. MD in Guyana takes around 5 years to complete in English Medium of instruction. 

During the 5 years of MD in Guyana, students are involved in various academic activities. This includes the 1 year of Pre-medical sciences program, 2 years of Preclinical Program, and another 2 years for the Clinical Rotations Program.

The MD Program at LAU is designed to offer in-depth medical knowledge to the students. It also provides an opportunity to have hands-on experience in clinical services.

The MD program at LAU ensures to specifically meet the Licensing requirements of many countries including USA, India, UK, Canada, and more. After the MD program at LAU, graduate students can practice in any country of their choice post-qualifying the Medical Licensing Examination of the particular country.

What to expect during internship?

After your MBBS degree from LAU, you can apply for an internship in any clinic or hospital to get experience in the medical field. 

During your internship, you will get to experience working in the Medical field under someones' supervision. Interaction with patients and your supervisors helps you gain more knowledge professionally.

Can I Practice Medicine in India after MD~MBBS in Guyana?

After your MD~MBBS in Guyana, you can apply for the FMGE/NEXT exam. Once you clear the FMGE/NEXT exam, you will be able to practice medicine in India. 

You can also practice medicine in any country after you qualify the country's Medical Licensing Examination.


Becoming a Doctor is an endless practice and an endless learning process. Even after receiving the title Doctor or with a lot of experience, one will still have to continue studying to advance herself/himself with the latest technologies to keep up with the up-to-date Medical system. 

LAU is one of the fastest-growing medical schools in Guyana to study MD in America. MD program in Guyana is recognized by the National Medical Commission, India; ECFMG; FAIMER. It is also registered with NAC, Guyana.

MD at LAU is instructed in English Medium and the course is designed according to the international standard of Education which is mainly focused to deliver high-quality medical education to all medical aspirants.

If you are looking for a chance to pursue MBBS in the Caribbean, reach out to us today!

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