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Seize the opportunity while studying MBBS at LAU

MBBS is one of the most coveted degrees in India and around the world. It is a career option that is highly valued by society. The shortage of Medical Practitioners in many countries results in increasing demand for the young generation who have qualified and are still pursuing MBBS. 


Study MD~MBBS in LAU

Lincoln American University is one of the finest Medical Universities in the Caribbean. LAU offers the MD program of international standards. The MBBS in LAU includes the Basic Sciences and Clinical Rotations that is based on MD in USA. The program is designed in consultation with the doctors, healthcare professionals, and leaders in the research sectors to specifically meet the licensing requirements in the US and other nations including India, UK, Canada, and many others so that after MD/MBBS graduation from LAU, students can practice in the country of their choice.


Lincoln American University is recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC), listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), certified by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).


LAU offers 5 years MD/MBBS in the Caribbean. It ensures complete medical training using modern technology and modern and well-equipped infrastructure, coupled with experienced faculties, practical training help students become global practitioners of medical sciences with requisite skills and knowledge to meet the current and future needs of the patients and the changing healthcare sector around the world.


LAU provides The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) coaching and training to the students from the beginning of their medical career with LAU.


Making the most of your MBBS in LAU

Letting loose of yourself can be a little daunting. It's an amalgamation of mixed feelings and emotions. Exploring and learning things from Seniors, Professionals, Teachers, Experts needed to be atop it all.

Few are the tips to make the most of your medical education:

Show an interest

While studying MBBS at LAU, make sure that you are active, open-minded, and willing to learn. If you have any question related to your MBBS in LAU, let your professors, teachers know that you are curious about the program and its specialty. Get yourself involved in various projects, research activities to improve your education.

Find your supervisor's timetable

It won't be easy to get a hold of someone who is busy, especially if your professors or supervisors have a tight schedule. However, try to get a hold of the time to talk to your guide to get their special guidance on your MBBS program in the Caribbean.

Put yourself forward

We often strive for perfection but sometimes we fail to make it happen. To excel in your professional career or medical field, you must learn to put yourself first by coming out of your comfort zone. Take every opportunity that comes your way to learn new things, explore MBBS in LAU, MD in the Caribbean, learn new skills, and become comfortable in your Medical field.

Formulate a plan while studying MBBS in LAU

To become successful, it requires a plan to stick on. Formulate a plan and make sure that you follow it. Use every chance you get to improve your knowledge while pursuing your MD at LAU. Make it a point to learn new things every day and practice them to enhance your skills.

Form a study group while studying MBBS in LAU

While studying MBBS in LAU, try to form a study group outside of your lecture classes. Having these groups can help you grow in your medical career. 

Building Professional and Personal Growth

Studying MBBS in LAU or any university can be overwhelming. The schedule is tight and of course, the MBBS course can also be tough but if you want to become a successful doctor, you have to have a backup plan. If you feel that you are stressed out because of your schedule, recline for a moment and continue again. LAU ensures that students are well trained, get enough exposure to different medical fields and clinical rotations to build their career and improve their knowledge about their MBBS program in LAU at the same time it takes responsibility in ensuring the student's mental health and well-being as well.

Join a Conference/Seminar/Workshop or any session

In any circumstance, try to find a way to attend any medical conference, seminars, workshops, or even attend any session related to the MBBS program in LAU. This will help you improve your understanding, knowledge about the MBBS program offered by LAU.

Attend Coaching class for USMLE

LAU offers USMLE coaching classes for students who are studying MBBS in LAU. Ensure that you attend the classes as this will help you prepare for the Medical Licensing Examination to practice medicine in the USA.


There are many activities that Lincoln American University offers. Students who are studying MBBS at the university must take every advantage of the opportunities that are available to enhance their personal and professional life. Making the most of what is available while studying MBBS in LAU can help the students excel at a different level.

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