Privacy Policy | Lincoln American University

At Lincoln American University, besides ensuring the privacy of all our stakeholders, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of all the visitors to our website and respect privacy rights.

We have prepared this privacy policy to give you an idea of what information we collect, why we collect it, how we collect it, how we process it, and how we keep it safe.

While visiting our website www.laumed.org, you may interact with the following services made available to help you:

  • Live chat service for support from University counselors or submit a contact request;
  • Support from University counselors through WhatsApp chat;
  • Apply online with the “online application” form available on the home page, apply online page, or other locations on the website. 
  • Contact our team by filling “contact us” form on the contact us page or other locations on the website.
  • Submit a job application by filling an “online job application” form available on the careers page.

Depending on the form you are using, you might need to furnish your name, email address, and phone number, and documents, as required, to help our team process your application, get back to you and answer your questions or help you with admission or job application.

All such details and documents are stored in a secured IT environment and not shared with any unauthorized person outside the organization at any cost. Further, all the counselors and University members are provided with the official devices the are kept under surveillance to make sure that none of your data goes to any personal device or in the wrong hands.

Besides above information, we do not collect any information/ data by any means on our website. At Lincoln American University website, your privacy is assured. So, you can browse the website without any risk and get all the information, details, and support you need, with peace of mind.



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