The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Breaking news for all the NEET 2019 aspirants. National Testing Agency (NTA) has released official answer keys for NEET 2019 held in examination centers all across India on May 05 2019 (and May 20, 2019). As per NTA, a total of 1,519,375 candidates appeared in NEET 2019 exam and now, it’s time for the verdict. 


NTA has uploaded the answer keys for the NEET 2019 exam on its official website. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of the steps required to download a copy of the NEET 2019 official answer keys:


How To Download NEET 2019 Answer Keys?


Step 1: Go to NEET Candidate login page on the official website of NTA. 

Step 2: Enter your NEET application number and password and click on Login button.

Step3:  Follow on-screen instructions in the Dashboard to download NEET 2019 answer keys.


Procedure to Challenge an Answer Key Provided by NTA


While going through the answers proposed by NTA for NEET 2019 exam, you may not agree with specific answer or answers. In that case, you can challenge the answer(s) provided by NTA by filing an Answer Key Challenge Application.

In other words, in case you believe that an answer (or answers) mentioned in NEET answer keys provided by NTA is not correct, you can apply for the correction of the solution(s) using answers correction window facility provided by NTA. The correction window is open until May 11, 2019, up to 11:50 p.m.


To challenge the proposed answer or NEET answer key, here is a step-by-step procedure and guide on how to challenge NEET 2019 official answer keys:


Step 1: Go to the NEET Candidate login page on the NTA website and login with your NEET application number and password.


Step 2:  Tap the option for "Apply for Key Challenge." Once you click, you will find all the 180 questions asked in NEET 2019 exam in sequence.  


Step 3: From the list of questions, select the question(s) you would like to challenge. You can select a single question or multiple questions depending on the number of answers that you want to challenge and suggest appropriate answer following on-screen instructions.


Step 4: Once you are done with the answer keys corrections, you will need to submit the corrections by clicking on the "Submit" button.


Step 5: After you submit your application, you need to pay a processing fee of INR 1,000/- per question challenged. Without the payment of processing fees, your application shall not be considered valid. Once you make the payment, you can download the Key Challenge Receipt. That’s all!


Note: In case answer(s) proposed by you are found to be correct, the NTA shall refund your fee.


Now, go the NTA website, download NEET 2019 answer keys and challenge the answers that you think are not correct. It’s an opportunity and a hope for you to get an answer changed in your favor and make a difference in your NEET result. If your proposed answer is accepted, you will earn 5 more marks as your 1 negative mark will be reversed and 4 marks will be allotted for the right answer! While even a single mark does matter in highly competitive exams like NEET, 5 marks can make a huge difference. Also, file your NEET answer key challenge application as soon as possible because the correction window will close on May 31, 2019, at 11:50 p.m.


If your proposed answer is accepted, you will earn 5 more marks as your 1 negative mark will be reversed and 4 marks will be allotted for the right answer!

All the best!

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