Mr. Rajcoomar Narine

Mr. Rajcoomar Narine, a mathematician by profession was born and brought up in BEL AIR, GEORGETOWN, GUYANA.

Mr. Narine is highly educated and technical in his domain. After completing his B.Sc (Mathematics) from University of Guyana in 1990, he went for his higher education and did his post-graduation from the same university in 1994.

On the work front he has worked as a STATISTICAL SPECIALIST and was associated with IT TRAINING (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access etc), STATISTICAL TRAINING (theory, SPSS, Excel, Epi Info). He was also a motivational trainer and joined the University of Guyana as a Lecturer under the faculty of Natural Sciences. In 2010, he was promoted as the Head of the Department of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics, faculty of natural sciences, University of Guyana.

Since then. Mr. Narine has been involved in various research projects. Some of them are listed here:

December. 2010 Designed and successfully implemented a Microsoft Office IT Training Programme for research assistants and created two databases.
Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce

Feb. 2010 to Mar. 2010 Provided Technical assistance to the Ministry of Education (including Minister Technical Adviser) for conducting a Student Performance Survey in coastal areas of Guyana.

June. 2010 to Sept. 2010 Designed and to implement a Microsoft Office IT Training Programme for staff at various levels and to create two databases.
Food and Drug Department, Ministry of Health

July. 2010 to July 2012
Team leader for 4 GPL Customer Satisfaction Survey and 4 other surveys
This survey is a precondition by donors for a policy based loan

Nov. 2012 – Jan. 2013 SPSS TRAINING
Citizen Security Project

July. 2012 – March 2013 Conducted a Study “Evaluation of Matching Grants Initiative” for the Support for Competiveness Program
IDB/Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce

Jan. 2013 – April 2013 Conducted a market research in Guyana for a large Commercial business in the Caribbean including focus group

July. 2014 to Dec 2014 Conducted a Study "Study of Intellectual Property Rights in Guyana"

May. 2015 – June 2015 conducted a market research in Guyana for a large Commercial business

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