Md Program

Lincoln American University offers the MD program to the students who are passionate and wish to provide medical care to the world through research, innovation, and leadership. The MD curriculum at LAU meets the international standards. The students without the first degree can join the MD program at LAU. The MD Program is designed in a way that provides advanced clinical, academic as well as practical training to the students and helps them to be prepared for the challenges in the medical internship program.

At LAU, the MD program is designed with the consultation of the doctors, healthcare professionals, students and leaders in the research sectors. The curriculum of MD program is designed as per the US medical curriculum and is steady enough to meet the current and future needs of the students, patients and the changing healthcare sector around the world.

Overview of the Program:
  • Duration of complete course is 5 years
  • Three phases of the Program – Premedical (1 Year), Preclinical (2 years) & Clinical Rotations (last 2 years)
  • Students can either opt for the Normal track or USA track.

- Normal track – the Premedical, Preclinical and Clinical are completely pursued in Guyana only.

- In USA track – Premedical and Preclinical in Guyana & Clinical can be pursued in USA.

  • Classrooms are provided with Audio Visual Settings.
  • Laboratory based education.
  • 10 to 12 years of Education or Equivalent and from premedical backgrounds with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • The students must have completed 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the year of application.
Advantages of studying MD in LAU:
  • Students can opt to pursue clinical rotations in USA
  • Highly qualified faculty with expert knowledge in the relevant areas.
  • Students are required to participate in various seminars, conferences and projects.
  • Good Career opportunities in and outside the country through the USMLE clearance.

Lincoln American University curriculum provides a high quality medical education to the students. The students are offered with the practical training sessions and seminars which encourages them to take active responsibility for their learning process. The faculty at LAU makes sure to prepare the students for the challenges in their professional career.

First two years of MD degree program are focused on the traditional basic science disciplines. During this period, the students are exposed to the laboratory experiments, group discussions and small projects.

Lincoln American University is affiliated to some clinical centres and hospitals where the students are provided with clinical training. The clinical centres allow students to complete all of their clinical training at one site if they wish. During the clinical rotations, we highlight responsibility, maturity, and compassion as important attributes in the development of professional excellence. Students are taught how to perform in the professional role of a physician and are judged on their ability to take responsibility, and work amicably with team members and prove the outlook of an established and qualified doctor.

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