The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Lincoln American University is one of the few Medical Universities in Guyana which is certified and approved by the Global Alliance Medical Education. Students of LAU will have the privilege to practice not just in United States but also in Canada, Australia, and other prominent countries.


To serve as the international organization of leaders advancing innovation and collaboration in CME/CPD worldwide, with the goal of improving patient care.

To provide an international forum for medical education leaders to:

  • Network and exchange key ideas and information on global CME/CPD, shaping its future
  • Collaborate with various organizations involved in education
  • Help raise standards of CME/CPD systems (in accreditation, distribution, content, etc.)
  • Examine how new media are being applied to the medical and consumer health education fields
  • Gain knowledge of international CME/CPD systems
  • Further global CME/CPD harmonization

The purpose of GAME is to promote lifelong learning by providing resources for healthcare professionals engaged in or interested in activities around the world including but not limited to continuing education (“CE”), continuing medical education (“CME”), and continuing professional development (“CPD”), and by fostering programs, standards, and partnerships, leading to quality care for patients and communities.

Career opportunities for students choosing Lincoln American University will increase as the University is GAME Certified. GAME certification will enable these students to build their career not just in United States but also in other prominent countries such as Canada and Australia where most of the students aspire to settle.

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