The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) has yet again evidenced its excellence in medical education. LAU has always claimed to believe in the holistic development of its students and in keeping them involved with University activities. LAU very recently provided its students with an opportunity to interact freely with the faculty and management in an informal environment. The photographs are evidence of the pleasure and happiness of the students.


With a view to offering its students a refreshing change from the usual routine of the school, Lincoln American University organized a day’s outing for its students on a bright sunny morning of December 02 2018, to the Splashmins Resort, Georgetown, Guyana. This picnic was attended by 39 students, 8 staff members, the Executive Dean, and the Vice Chancellor. Transport was arranged by the University from the students’ hostel to the resort and back.


The students from different cultures made the best out of this amazing opportunity and gelled well with each other and geniality amongst them was overtly visible. The lush green ambiance and picturesque surroundings were greatly appreciated by all students. Facilities of the boat ride and swimming in the waters of a creek were enjoyed by one and all. Students also enjoyed outdoor sports like Volleyball, Basketball and some indoor games like Table Tennis at the resort. Some more adventure activities like water surfing and water scooter riding were availed by students and staff members.


LAU also made sure to serve a lip-smacking lunch accompanied by soft drinks in cozy thatched huts of the resort.


The rollicking fun the students had is vividly evident from the pictures of the event!


The University now plans to hold such events quarterly each academic year. The Student Governing Association (SGA) of LAU is expected to take over the responsibility of organizing and executing such events in the future because LAU family believes that United they stand Tall amongst all the universities.


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