The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

In a proud moment, the students of Lincoln American University recently participated and won the Interuniversity Tape Ball Championship 2023. After qualifying for the finals, the university emerged out as the winner after defeating Texila American University in the finals. The 2-day long championship started from 5th Feb 2023 onwards. 

The team of LAU was led by Romario Persaud. The championship included a series of T6 matches between the top universities of the Caribbean. The team of LAU won the toss and chose to field first and chase the score.  

In the first innings, the Texila American University managed to reach a strong score of 63-5 in 6 overs. Shimmering the balls, Umar Khan was among the star ballers from LAU. 

The opening batsmen of LAU led the strong head start that helped the follow up score board. The team achieved the winning score with 2 overs to spare.

Overshining the batting order, Dhirendra Yadav, smashed 4 gawking sixes on the charts and made the team victorious at 64-0 within 4 hours.

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