The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

April 30, 2019, Orenburg, Russia

April 29, 2019 marked a new milestone in the aspiring journey of Lincoln American University to become a leading institution for medical education in South America and providing its students with the finest possible medical education in Guyana.


On remarkable day, Lincoln American University, Guyana and Orenburg State Medical University, Russia (OSMU) have joined forces to broaden the horizon of medical and career opportunities for their students. 


To make the collaboration official, Signing Ceremony was held at OSMU Campus in Russia where the agreement for mutual co-operation was signed in the presence of dignitaries of both the universities.


On occasion, Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor, AVSM, VSM, and BAR (Retd), Former Director General of Medical Services (IAF), Vice Chancellor of Lincoln American University and Igor Miroschnichenko, Rector of the Orenburg State Medical University, Doctor of Medicine, Professor signed the agreement in the presence of other dignitaries.  


Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor, Vice Chancellor, Lincoln American University (left) and Igor Miroschnichenko, Rector of the Orenburg State Medical University (right) shake hands during Signing Ceremony


The new arrangements between two leading universities will provide the following facilities for the entire University stakeholders:

  • Smooth transfer of medical students
  • Transfer of credit hours 
  •  Exchange of knowledge and research
  •  Mutual co-operation and progress 

Above facilities will make it possible for the medical students in both the universities to explore the opportunities in Guyana & Russia, collaborate with a diverse set of people, explore a different culture and get medical education in a more sophisticated manner. 


The holistic and diverse set of opportunities emerging out of collaboration will let the students tap international opportunities and gain the global exposure required for the international practice of medicine. Further, students will also get to know the medical challenges and needs of a different country while developing solutions together which will provide better and innovative resolutions for existing health issues and will ultimately benefit the healthcare sector.


The collaboration between LAU and OSMU is a testimony to cordial relations maintained between two leading universities and will ensure mutual co-operation and progress. Further, working together will result in synergy efforts which will facilitate better research, optimum usage of University resources, diverse set of opportunities, flexibility, and a culmination of the culture of two great countries.


Lincoln American University expresses its gratitude towards Orenburg State Medical University and all its members for stepping forward to this significant milestone. We, at Lincoln American University, are looking forward to a shared journey with Orenburg State Medical University members which will be a win-win for the stakeholders of both the organizations and will ensure a glorious future for the medical aspirants.

About Orenburg State Medical University


Founded in 1944 and located in Orenburg City of Russia, Orenburg State Medical University (OSMU) is one of the leading medical universities in Russia and one of the most sought-after destinations for international students looking for medical education abroad. OSMU is constantly ranked in the list of top medical universities in Russia. 


OSMU is well-recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI), certified by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), registered with Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). Currently, OSMU offers a 6-Year MBBS Program taught in Russian language and students are admitted based on an entrance exam. 


Divided into about 47 departments, a team of about 300 medical professionals and professors work together at OSMU to provide quality medical education to students from all around the world.

About Lincoln American University


Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) is a private medical university offering quality medical education in Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America.


LAU was established in 2016 to bridge the gap between means and ability to become a doctor and provide affordable and quality medical education in South America to students from all around the world.


LAU is well-recognized University which is listed in the WDOMS, registered with National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana) and FAIMER, certified by ECFMG and recognized by MCI.


To get admission at LAU, no entrance examination is held. Instead, students are admitted based on their performance in School Examinations. The medium of instruction at the LAU is English.


Since its inception, the University has made impressive progressive. Currently, 150+ students from Africa, the Caribbean, and countries across Asia and other regions worldwide are enrolled in LAU’s 5-Year MD Program and pursuing their dream medical career. 

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