Lincoln American University Affiliates Indian College Of Cosmetic Gynaecology

Spreading its roots and reaching greater heights, Lincoln American University has now affiliated Indian College of Cosmetic Gynaecology, India for their short duration certification courses, Masters and Diploma courses as well as various fellowship programs. 


This course will be jointly conducted between the two institutions and shall aim at providing the requisite knowledge and skills to practice in Gynaecology. This course will result in improving awareness and would cater to the specific clinical and surgical interests of the participating doctors.


As a part of this affiliation, the resource faculty for these courses in the college comprises of well- acclaimed faculties like Prof. Evan Fisstonic, MD, PhD, Zagreb Kurasua, Local College of Cosmetic Gynaecology, Prof. JB Sharma, Prog and Head of Neuro Gynaecology Dept, AIIMS, New Delhi snf Mr Alwin Gnanajebamani, FRCS, President, London College of Cosmetic Gynaecology and Prof. Navneet Magon, AIIMS, Rishikesh.


By this, LAU has become the only university accredited for teaching and training faculty of cosmetic Gynaecology in the world!



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