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Video: LAU Food Inspection Manager on Indian Food Facility & Festivals

Healthy food & happiness for a healthy mind, healthy mind for healthy education” – that’s the mantra behind LAU Mess Facility that operates under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Rahul Yadav, Food Inspection Manager at Mess Facility of Lincoln American University who is also a Chef by profession and is well-versed with the food culture of Guyana, India, and Americas.

Among other responsibilities, Mr. Yadav takes care of the arrangements of Indian Food for Indian Students in the University.

Lately, Mr. Yadav visited India to meet his family people and relatives living in the country and also visited the regional branch of Lincoln American University in Noida city of India.

During the visit, Mr. Yadav and Mr. Kartik Ralhan, Student Advisor at Lincoln American University, sat together to discuss the University Facility for Indian Food, the process of food arrangements for new students, special food and sweets on festive occasions with a bit of student life in Guyana, and how LAU Mess Team delivers not just food, but happiness to the students staying in the Campus.

Quick Video Summary

  • For students from India, a dedicated facility for Indian food is made available with the support of Indian Cooks.
  • For non-vegetarian, chicken is provided two times a week.
  • For all students, Cheese Food is offered two times a week.
  • The purpose of the University Mess Facility is to provide students with healthy food and keep them happy,” said Mr. Yadav.
  • Regarding festival occasions, Mr. Yadav said that on festival occasions and University events, get-together arrangements are made for the gathering of all the students and members where they meet each other, mingle and enjoy student life in Caribbean.
  • To consider students and University staff opinion about food and mess facility, Mess Facility WhatsApp Group is there where students can seek direct support regarding food and give their suggestions for the improvement of the Indian food in Guyana Campus, including cuisines of other regions.
  • New students’ arrival is duly informed to the Mess Staff so that food can be served on time to the new students on their arrival at the University.
  • In the campus, all the festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The management makes the arrangements for the indoor or outdoor celebration. All festivals are celebrated together by University staff and students, with arrangements of festive food and sweets making Student Life in Americas a memorable experience.
  • Regarding quality, Mr. Yadav explained that food service is regularly checked for quantity as well as quality and what kind of food is being served.
  • For food requirements of South Indians, Mr. Yadav said that South Indian Food like Lemon Rice, Biryani, Sambhar, is included in the menu. Further, he said that for students from other regions of the world like Europe, students’ food requirements are duly fulfilled by the LAU mess facility.
  • Assuring the quality of food service, Mr. Yadav said that we give our best to the students, and their specific food requirements are well taken care of by the University Mess Team.

We hope that via this video; you have got an overview of the Indian Food Service in the Mess Facility of Lincoln American University. Delivering quality food to our students and members is part of our endeavors to provide our students with the finest possible facilities for medical education in Guyana.

At Lincoln American University, we inspire to bridge the gap between means and ability to pursue medical education by providing aspiring doctors worldwide an opportunity to study medicine in Guyana, Americas at affordable cost and get the very best of education and life in exotic Guyana that becomes their second home.

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