The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

On January 18, a meet-up was arranged within the Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) Campus for all the new students joining LAU for the MD Program in the first term of 2019 and new faculty members of LAU who will be blessing the LAU students with their enormous experience and vast teaching abilities.

Meet-up facilitated an interactive atmosphere between all the students & faculty members of LAU and was a success for connecting all the new LAU family members.

During the meet-up, students were greeted with the welcome speech from all the faculty members & discussed their roles and responsibilities with the students. Staff members also interacted with the students and briefed them about the culture & environment of LAU, what they will be learning at the campus, what is expected from the students while they are pursuing their medical education in South America, at LAU, responsibilities & behavioral requirements of the students to make the University campus a better place for everyone.

On the occasion, Dr. Wesley Torrington, Associate Dean, Lincoln American University also took the stage to extend his warm welcome to the students and guide them about how to make the best of this wonderful opportunity to study medicine in Guyana and their future with Lincoln American University.

During the meeting, students from earlier batches of LAU met with the new students, shared their own experiences, and made them familiar with the University.

The hall was filled with energy and enthusiasm of the new term students who entrust LAU with their medical future and have assigned LAU the responsibility to make them finest doctors.

LAU wishes all the medical aspirants a great learning experience and a happy stay with LAU.

LAU also look forward to recruiting more faculties in future, better medical infrastructure and provide quality medical education in Guyana to many more students around the globe.

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