The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor, AVSM, VSM, and BAR (Retd), Former Director General of Medical Services (IAF), Vice Chancellor of Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) met Brigadier George A Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation to further strengthen the existing cooperation and collaboration between LAU and their affiliate Georgetown Public Hospital with a view to look at future opportunities and possibilities for enhancing the clinical experience of LAU students.


And as they say, when two men of such great stature and knowledge base meet; they would discuss endless possibilities to widen the horizon of the students and help them in every possible manner to convert their academic dreams into reality.


Many ideas and thoughts were proposed to churn meaningful & effective results for the students. Feasibility was also explored for allowing the students to undertake familiarization visits and short attachments during the Basic Science Course onwards with a view to acquaint the students with the hospital facilities. It would also help the students to understand the concept of various nursing procedures, ward management and get them acquainted with commonly carried out hospital procedures and overview of laboratory results and X-ray images. This exposure during the Basic Sciences Course would enable the students to be better prepared and oriented when they embark on their clinical rotations in their third and fourth year of the MD program.


Brigadier George was very open and extremely supportive of the efforts being undertaken by LAU towards the academic development of its students. Mementos were also exchanged among the two dignitaries. The entire exercise was aimed to boost cooperation and to augment the clinical acumen and patient care skills of LAU medical students. This would help the students to pre-empt the real-world challenges faced by the hospital staff on a routine basis and help them to understand and prepare better for their subsequent residency and independent medical practice after the completion of their MD Course.


LAU wants its students to broaden their attention span and work in a more cohesive manner with their colleagues. This kind of concurrent effort will result in the effective management of resources and strengthening of the medical facilities provided at their respective workplaces.


With LAU’s tireless efforts, LAU has become one of the fastest growing medical universities in the Caribbean region in a short span of time and look forward to growing at even faster pace and continue its mission of providing world-class MD in Guyana to students from around the world and gift the world with more and more doctors.

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