LAU Conducts MBBS Guidance Seminar For Mumbai Students

To aid in the fulfillment of aspirations of the young minds, Lincoln American University had organised an MBBS admission guidance seminar in Mumbai, India on 31st October, 2021. This seminar sought to provide one point of contact for those seeking MBBS admission directly from the university without involvement of third parties.

The seminar was conducted amidst the continuous buzz of NEET UG 2021 results, which could be released at any time. There were several students wishing to know more about their options at top medical universities of Guyana and be prepared for the much awaited results.

There were several inquiries about the pre-med program from the students predicting not a positive NEET result and who did not want to waste their year. Similarly, there were several students with promising NEET scores, who wanted to join the university for the AMerican curriculum which would help them to pursue their career in the USA.

Lincoln American University, Guyana is among the top medical universities in the Caribbean and has been gaining rapid popularity among young Indian students. The seminar was attended by several students and their families and friends who were interested in learning more about the university and its admission process.

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