The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

March 21, 2019, Georgetown, Guyana

On the occasion of Holi, Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor, AVSM, VSM, and BAR (Retd), Former Director General of Medical Services (IAF), Vice Chancellor of Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) along with staff and Student Governing Association were invited by His Excellency H.E. Mr. V. Mahalingam, High Commissioner of India, Guyana for celebrating the festival of colors organized by His Excellency. The celebration was graced by both the Acting President of Guyana, several Ministers and former President and Prime Minister of Guyana.

Holi is a National Holiday in Guyana. On the occasion, a cultural event showcasing the commonalities between the diverse cultures of India and Guyana were also organized by His Excellency which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Thereafter, the Vice Chancellor accompanied by staff Mr. Kabir and Mr. Ranganath visited the hostel where Holi was celebrated with full enthusiasm and fervor in all its color. It was preceded by Holika Dahan on the night before wherein a bonfire was lit at night and the students sang Holi songs and ate sweets.

The celebrations also reflected the disciplined environment of LAU. There was no adverse event during the day-long festivities. Due decency was observed, and all those who did not want to play Holi or had allergies to color were left to themselves and were allowed to witness the fun and frolic without having color splashed on them. The bonhomie and the special bond the students shared amongst themselves as well as with the staff and faculty was overtly visible.

The local population also joined the students in celebrating this function of friendship.
There was music and dance and splashing of vibrant colors that truly reflected the conducive and disciplined environment that prevails in the University.

Choicest food and sweets were made both by students and the chef to indicate the cooperative environment that prevails in the University.

The occasion filled the campus with zeal and enthusiasm of Holi and students enjoyed the celebration to the fullest. Understanding the importance of water and taking its social and moral responsibility, LAU celebrated an eco-friendly water-less Holi.

Holi is a beautiful festival which signifies the victory of good over evil and encourages the people to "Forgive and Forget," turn down the animosity and raise friendship and togetherness with colors of happiness and joy. 
LAU, as part of its SGA (Student Governing Association) Activity, keeps arranging recreational programs and encourage the participation in festivities to let the students take time off from studies, enjoy different cultures and religions and develop themselves holistically.

These activities also help fill the gap of being away from home and keep the feeling of homesickness away from the students! 

Five years that students spend at LAU while pursuing their medical education in Guyana is both a significant and big chunk of students’ lives and to make sure that for its students, the University is not just a place for academic excellence but a second home as well, LAU makes all the efforts to adapt to all the cultures and develop an environment of inclusion.

Indeed and truly, LAU is a Home away from Home.

Its holistic development approach coupled with quality medical education has made LAU one of the fastest growing universities for medical education in South America and one of the finest medical colleges to study medicine in Guyana. The University plans to expand further its infrastructure for medical education in Guyana which will help the medical aspirants from different countries pursue an affordable yet promising medical career.  

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