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Knowing it All: Premedical Program at Lincoln American University

School age is one of the most crucial points of learning and shaping up the future for all the young minds. But once you pass your schools, you step into a real world and sometimes have to fight unprepared and without any experience.


When it comes to studying MBBS, the real world becomes a battleground which echoes with the war-cry of quality, validity and ultimately a successful life of dreams. In this war-like situation, not all the students are armoured with the skills, techniques and luck to save their dreams. For such students, Lincoln American University forebrings a pre-medical program or the pre-med program to give them a required  boost to conquer their goals.


What are Pre-medical Programs?

The pre-medical or pre-med program is for the students who wish to pursue MBBS after completion of their high school and intermediary classes. This program acts like a foundation and bridge course so that students are well prepared prior to entering medical school. Premedical program is a North American concept and, in many Universities, leads to an undergraduate degree.

For Indian students, this pre-med program also includes training for qualifying the required eligibility exam (NEET-UG) in absence of which they cannot pursue their medical education.  The first year of study acts as a foundation course for the MD Program and is an important part of the complete course in order to understand the next level of Basic Sciences & Pre Clinical Program.

Who can get into a Pre-med Program?

Any student who wishes to study in MBBS in Carribean is can be enrolled in the pre-med program provided that s/he is of the desired age and has qualified high-school and intermediate with atlease 40% and must have studies Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English in class 12. Any student who has qualified, appearing or not qualified the NEET-UG exam is also eligible to apply for this program, as it also includes the coaching for the same, so that the student can qualify it easily and take the next steps towards their dreams.

How Can I apply for Premedical Programs?

If you want to join the pre-medical program the process is extremely simple. All you have to do is check if you meet the admission requirements. If you meet them, you would be needed to submit all the required documents, complete the application process and then wait for your results.

What are the documents required to enroll in a Pre-med Program?

At the time of application, you are required to submit your marksheets/certificates for high-school and intermediate and that would be the only document required for applying in the Pre-med program of the university.

Reasons to Choose Lincoln American University for your Pre-med Program

  • If you're looking for MBBS in Carribean, here is a list of reasons which makes Lincoln American University your best choice. 
  • It is a renowned international medical college in the country of Guyana and one of the best medical universities in the Caribbean.
  • It follows the US Medical Curriculum and is one of the rapidly growing medical universities in Guyana.
  • It is accredited and recognized by various international organisations like NMC(MCI), ECFMG, FAIMER, WDOMS, etc.
  • It offers an MD program to do your basic sciences in Guyana and continue your clinical courses in the US.
  • It has top-of-the-line faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • It has the best accommodation facilities for international students who wish to study MBBS abroad on its campus for ease of life at the university.
  • The university arranges Indian food in its student canteens.
  • It is extremely affordable and cost-efficient.

So, what is stopping you from pursuing your dream in the Americas? The Pre-med program prepares you mentally and educationally to become a doctor. It also provides you a great deal of awareness about life during medical school and thus, preparing you well for it.

Going through a premed program will allow you to evaluate your decision to become a medical professional. It also provides you with an advantage against non-pre-med students during your medical school admissions. 

For more information about this program feel free to give us a ring at the student’s helpline number 1800 843 9595.

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