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Internship Opportunities For Medical Students Around The World

Success in the medical field is all about combining education with extensive exposure to a wide range of medical issues that impact people from all walks of life. There are two key aspects to becoming the ideal doctor to save lives - education and exposure. Majority of aspiring doctors value the former and forget the importance of the latter. 

Exposure implies real world application of your skills and knowledge which you have acquired with your education. It's about internships (including your clinical rotations). Depending on the education and exposure you get, you add value to your profession. To become a world-class doctor, you need to get the exposure from international internships.


Interning abroad is a great way to ornate your resume and get hands on experience.You get to work in a fast-paced, real-world setting and have a chance at more practical work under the supervision of qualified medical staff. You gain the experience and the knowledge that can never be grasped from books alone. Besides, you interact with completely new cultures and mindsets that change your perspective towards things. 

By going abroad, you’ll be able to broaden your knowledge of the healthcare challenges people face around the world. You learn directly from skilled professionals in a clinical setting, and have a supervisor to guide you. You’re also likely to see illnesses you’ve only read about before.

While working together with the local medical staff and interns from all different walks of life, you can also expect to improve your communication skills, and increase your confidence. As a result, you’ll also get to grow your professional network, something critical for a career in medicine.

Internships In Developing Nations 

Interning in a developing country comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities.
You get to see doctors and nurses solving medical problems with limited resources. You can shadow local professionals throughout the work day across a multitude of departments.

You get to see the world in a whole new way: meet locals who need your help the most. You may also get to spend a portion of your time working at medical outreaches and mobile clinics in the local and rural communities. 

Internships In Developed Nations-

It is extremely difficult to get internship opportunities in developed countries unless you have pursued your medical degree from a well-reputed, internationally recognized med-school. 

But if you are smart enough to grasp the opportunity then you get to observe the latest medical techniques and technology being used to cure patients which in itself comes as a life-time experience. You’ll be exposed to a range of specialized treatments and different equipments.

Mbbs Abroad : Way To International Internships -

Pursuing MBBS studies abroad in an international medical institute gives you the golden opportunity to intern in a  wide range of countries with different cultures, ethics, languages and specific medical challenges. 

Being in an Indian government college usually limits your experience to internship projects in India. You may also get to serve other developing nations but the chance to even observe the medical practice in a developed nation is miniscule. You will need a strong cv to get in and multiple sets of letters of recommendation from well-recognized institutions, and someone to take your responsibility. 

Getting an internship in one of the developed countries is usually time-taking and involves lots of hard-work. An easy way out could be to pursue MBBS abroad. Studying abroad in a well-reputed medical institute brings in a wide range of international internships at your feet. And if you pursue MBBS in a country like Russia, it is cost effective too.

Studying in a top-notch Indian private medical institute could also serve the purpose but the exorbitant prices add an economic barrier to your entry.

Wrapping up

Covid-pandemic has taught us one thing for sure: Global healthcare is more inclusive these days than it was ever before. International internships become a must if you want to shape yourself in a world-class doctor.

 A medical internship abroad would give you valuable exposure to the medical field in a setting you won’t find in your homeland. International internships are fantastic from both a professional and philanthropic standpoint. It shapes you into a more well-rounded medical practitioner with a deeper understanding of medicine in different cultural contexts.

Therefore, medical internships abroad is something every medical student should seriously consider even before choosing their MBBS Colleges for it directly impacts their career.

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