The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Important Facts of Clinical Rotation

Lincoln American University is committed to provide its students with international clinical rotations opportunities and help them pursue their career in medicine internationally. Studying Medicine in South America at Lincoln American University provides the opportunity for the students to have hands-on experience in the clinical services.

Lincoln American University offers Clinical Rotation from the fourth year of the MD Program. When the students are in the phase of Clinical Rotation, it's time for the students to keep objective of clinical training in their minds:

 Objectives of Clinical Training:

  • Clinical Rotation aims at taking good care of patients and to develop your professional identity as a physician.
  • Clinical Rotation is intended to help you apply your Basic Science Knowledge, but also remember that learning medicine is such a process that extends far beyond the single clerkship rotation.
  • Clinical Science combines with principles of medicine, Biology, Chemistry as well as experimental Science. It involves laboratory work such as testing, evaluating, detecting, as well as analyzing cells or bodily fluid.
  • It is a field that evaluates and investigates medical treatment, methods, and principles as well; it is a designed study based on hands-on experience and under-control conditions.
  • Medical students must be taught by leading clinical academics so that students understand the attractions of a career in academic medicine and how to pursue this aim.
  • Increased opportunities are provided for some students to explore the theory and practice of education in the undergraduate curricula through appropriate programs.

 At Lincoln American University, students experience clerkship during the last two years when they are focused on Clinical Medical Sciences. LAU offers Clinical Core Rotations and Clinical Elective Rotations in affiliated hospitals of the USA, Caribbean, and Asian countries, which prepares you for the international practice of medicine.

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