The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

How good it is to study MBBS in Caribbean?

MBBS is a prestigious degree, and having a career in medical profession is a dream for many students. Caribbean as a location for studying MBBS is ideal for students looking to pursue their education abroad. Caribbean attracts students from around the world, and many students from Asian countries are already staying there and pursuing their education. But before jumping on any conclusions, one must have a clarity about the perks of pursuing their careers in the Caribbean. First of all, there is no entrance exam for admission in colleges of Caribbean. For admissions, the mere requirements are good performances in school and in entrance exam for MBBS (NEET, in case of India). The curriculum is based upon the medical schools of USA, so in any case, the student will get education as per standards of the US medical education. There are many universities in Caribbean listed with WDOMS, and certified by the ECFMG, which will allow the student to practice in USA as well, as the universities follow USMLE – a three step program to get medical license for performing their profession in USA. Also, degree of these universities will allow the student to pursue their medical profession in their own countries as well. The degree of such universities are recognized with MCI as well. The reputed universities of the Caribbean, have tie-ups with the hospitals and universities and hospitals around the world, which allows them to send students to other countries to study, learn and practice to gain experience in other countries. This also makes students aware about the medical facilities and opportunities in different countries. Clinical rotations prepare students for international practice. Plus, some universities have such easy admission process, and online assistance, which make the admission process quite easy for international students, with proper guidance and assistance being provided, even for passports and visa. The most important aspect of Caribbean is the overall development – as the students are encouraged to actively participate in the community activities, and the exotic locations and beautiful landscape provides escape from the busy schedule and helps the student freshen up their minds. The most important among all is the rolling basis of admissions, the admissions open in January, May and September, so that allows the students plenty of time and opportunity even if they miss the admission once. On the other hand, the waiting list is minimal, which assures the enrollment of students, any time of the year. The colleges and the universities provide cheap and affordable accommodation, with basic facilities and provisions to make the stay comfortable for all students. The kind of environment Caribbean offers, is quite diversified in terms of the intake of students, and also the cultural impact is quite good for the students. With practical knowledge in focus, the students get to know their subject better, work with efficient medical professionals, also visit different countries, and all these make them more professional in their approach. And with opportunities of working in reputed and globally recognized hospitals, Caribbean is the ideal option for the students.

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