Georgetown Public Hospital, Georgetown, Guyana

Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) is the largest hospital in Guyana and has a commendable capacity of 600 beds. The hospital’s origin dates back to 1838, and currently, it is managed by the Ministry of Health and funded by the Government of Guyana. Georgetown Public Hospital provides healthcare services free of cost and is rightfully called the Nation’s provider of Health Services.

Apart from providing health services, Georgetown Public Hospital also provides various training programs in the field of medicine and healthcare ranging from Care Nursing to Masters Degree and Post Graduate Diploma in various medical disciples.

Recently, the management at Georgetown Public Hospital has invested heavily for the technological advancement and standardization of the protocols and procedures of the hospital to ensure that healthcare services provided are of highest quality.

“It’s important to first of all trust God and see him for your encouragement, for your inspiration and two it’s very important to work hard because success is not achieved any other way, there is no shortcut.”

- Dr. Kezia Gordon, Georgetown Public Hospital

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Georgetown, Guyana

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Ministry of Health, Guyana

Clinical Rotations at Georgetown Public Hospital for Lincoln American University Students

We, at Lincoln American University, are proud to count Georgetown Public Hospital of Guyana among our list of affiliated hospitals for clinical training of our students during Clinical Sciences Program.

The oldest hospital of Guyana offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services and is a leading provider and facilitator of patient care, education and research in the Caribbean and provides huge learning opportunities for medical aspirants studying medicine in Guyana at Lincoln American University.



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We provide knowledge to help to relieve the pain & discomfort of those in need.
We promote health care irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, and economic status.
We believe in the evidence-based practice of medicine.
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