LAU Students Visit Indian Monument in Barbice

At Lincoln American University, the students are provided with a holistic learning approach. This also includes making them culturally enriched and aware. The university has recently organised an excursion for the medical students at the Indian Monument in Barbice on 20th January 2022.

The Indian monument at the T junction, Palmyra Village, Corentyne, Region Six, was built through funding from the Government of India. It is a tribute to the Indian indentured servants who arrived on these shores, then British Guyana, in 1838.

The mounted bronze memorial consists of artistic sculpted metal, depicting the lives of Indians in their routine everyday life. Each of the figures carry something of importance – their jahaji bhandal (ship bundle) loaded with food, spices, herbs, clothing, jewellery, their gods, religious texts, drum, karahi (cooking pan) taawa (flat circular metal for cooking roti), grass knives (scythe), cutlass and rice plants.

The monument was recently commemorated in 2019 for the public. The onlookers are generally found awestruck with the refinery and expertise of the works which brings justice to the long history of Indians and India in Guyana.

The students enjoyed the day-long excursions with their friends. It was a long awaited and refreshing break anticipated by the students and acted buster refreshing them. 

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